Friday, May 28, 2010


Gosh. I have no idea what happened to me yesterday. Usually I'm not the type to CAMWHORE A LOT, still got camwhore la, but I din't take continuosly. Yesterday after came back from The Mines watching Sherk, hey, it's not a childish movie, it was really nice =) A lot of moral values, and OMG, Puss In Boots is so CUTE!!! ><~~ Especially when his eyes grew BIG~ ^^ so CUTE~~~ XD haha. Okay, back to the topic. Back from Mines watching Shrek, haha, you should watch it too, NICE ^^ haha. getting annoying right? Okay. back from The Mines, I suddenly got the mood to camwhore. =X Anyway, I love the clothes I was wearing ^^  And by the way, I bought a bag =)


The clothes I was wearing yesterday XD
lol...ok, here comes my perasan photo =X


@_@ This pose almost the same, I've taken this photo a long time ago XD


XD my sunglasses rock!

haha..yong sui...


 I love my bag ^^

Okay, last picture~  

See? So many picture!! Gosh. I'm scaring myself with my changed attitude. =| I wonder what is happening to me? Anyway, is this evennormal? I don't know. =|


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