Friday, May 14, 2010


Okay, i know, this happened yesterday...Yesterday morning, while going to school, I'm sitting behind on the right hand side in the car...We passed by Chee Ying's condo, and I saw her~ She saw me too~ Then, it's the straight raod to school, saw Liew...his car passed by mine, and he saw me too....then, a SHORT wile after that, Monkey's face appear...He saw me too -.- I was like, what the hell...met so many people in CAR today -.- ...then, at school, stupid Monkey give me back RM9.60..But you know how he paid me back? He came to my table, and slam down a plastic bag containing 96 10sen!!! I was really speechless that time =_= BUt thx goodness I managed to change it all...sigh...I really can't believe the stupid things Monkey do -.- still, I have to admit, it's funny haha~ well, at least he paid me back...But now I fear that Tian Jin, Steven and Daryl will follow Monkey's footsteps =.= Darly idiot...he said he will give me bigger amount, 20sen...god if they really pay me back using coins I'll faint~ sigh..........


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