Monday, May 17, 2010


I realized, I have changed a lot thanks to them. While in Form 1, I used to ponteng a lot because of making a wrong friend. She cheated my money and my friendship. She make me a fool. I was so stupid back then. I trusted her and believe her. But then, after I knew the truth, I changed. I began mixing aroud with them. Of course, they din't accept me well at first. There was some times when I was left out of a lot of things. Those time really hurts. But slowly, I became part of them. They teach me a lot of things. I was still in KRK class thanks to them. My results in Form 1 used to be so bad. But afer mixing with them, I slowly became more hardworking, and I improve. I learn to trust people once again. Mixing with them, I learned that lying is a thing they hate most.  I never lie anymore. They gave me motivation and help whenever I need it. They were always beside me.We hang out together, and that makes up closer than ever.Now, we're like Best Friend Forever. That's what I feel. I don't know about them though. Hopefully they'll think the same.

Without you guys I'll be nobody.
 I ♥ you my friends. Friends Forever =)

ずっと友だちね? ^^

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