Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hang out with friends at The Mines =)

Today, went to The Mines with Yik Jia, Peggy, Hoi Yee, Yi Wen and Cui Li =)
I woke up at 7.30am, because 8am got japanese class...sigh...then, come home at 10.30am...At 11.15am, went to 7-ELEVEN and take bus with Yik Jia...We reached The Mines first..walked around, at 12pm++, the others arrived~ Me, Hoi Yee, Yi Wen and Cui Li go eat A&W while Peggy and Yik Jia go eat something else...Meet up again later..Acctually we plan to watch movie, but TICKETS SOLD =.=|| we end up walking around, then somehow we got seperated..Peggy walk with Yi Wen, they go sing Karaoke..Me, Yik Jia, Cui Li and Hoi Yee mess around at a spectacle store XD I bought a big, dark glasses =D

 XD~ hehe~ Then, we go to a toilet and...

haha~ XD

haha~ I have to say, FIRST TIME I TAKE PICTURE IN TOILET!!! XD haha~
Anyway, it's fun XD
Then, we go eat Strawberry Ice ^^ After that, Yik Jia and Hoi Yee go buy small keychain~ lol..Yik Jia addicted to Dolphin XD
After a while, went Yee brother fetch us ALL in a MYVI car XD 6 people at the back there, almost become hamburger...haha...Still, it's a fun day =)

たのしいの日 \(^O^)/

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