Monday, September 8, 2014

Backlog - Hair!

Extreme backlog hahahaha. I'll go as early as June lmao. I'm just sort of bored here, so okay I'll look back into my pictures and memories and write lol.
Haha as most of you have already noticed, my hair's blond now. But getting it blond is a fucking tedious project, cause my hair is so stubborn! I think I've bleached it a total of 4 times? Or 5 wtf.

Before bleach!

1st bleach

2nd bleach

2 rounds of bleaching in a day. 
It's still kinda of brown lol.
After a week, I did the 3rd bleach.
It turned orange-gy. 

And oh by the way, that's me and Swee during an outing! :D

4th bleach!

By this time it's pretty much light wwwww.
But then I'm still not really that satisfied, guess I wanted close to platinum blond lol.
So...I bleached another time hahahaha.

5th bleach!

Haha the 5th bleach was done 2 weeks ago. So I bleached my hair 5 times in a time span on almost 3 months lolol. The reason it took that long is because I don't want totally ruin my hair, and I got busy and doesn't have time.
Oh well.

Anyway that's not the end, after I finished the 5th bleach, I planned to tone it. Since I know it's very hard for me to achieve kind of like a platinum blond, I figured I might just make it a light ash blond.
So I used manic panic's purple haze and mixed it with LOTS of conditioner so it becomes a very very light pastel purple. But guess what, the experiment failed hahaha.
I got purple streaks all over, and it kind of looks like dirty blond.

It actually looked worse in real lol.
Hating it, I decided to apply more purple to kind of make it full of purple highlights then. 
Roommate Jeannie helped me. :3


It turned out with more purple, but I still think it looks ridiculous, so mehhhh I act ridiculous with it hahaha. At this point I decided to just screw it and let it fade by itself. No idea how to fix it.


My housemate Emad told me it kind of suits me though lol wth.
He said it's the best color I had so far. I'm like, wth?
Anyway the next day, in decent lighting and after I tied it up, it looks better. I don't dislike it anymore.

 Lol both Stephys (neighbour classmate/junior) told me it looks good. Oh well, if it doesn't look horrible to people, then I'm alright.
Over the next few days, it faded into a lighter ash with pale purple and I love it!

Well I guess that's it into my hair journey so far hahaha.
Right now the purple's gone, and it's returning to the pale yellow blond again. If I could find the time I'll probably tone it again lol.

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