Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Punkish me photoshoot xD

Yesterday I went for a photoshoot with a punk theme :D

This happened when I uploaded a picture on Facebook.
This picture:

I just got my choker from NANA that time, and I had to show it off. It was extreme love at first sight.

Haha. Then Calvin messaged me:

Calvin: got a full gothic clothes?
             wanna do a portrait session?
Me:      OwO Yesh!!!
Calvin: lets go
             actually want you asked you this last week but exams....... 
             so yeah you picture today reminded me XD

And so it's planned xD I changed gothic to punk later with Calvin.

I planned a few outfits at first, and send it to Calvin.

In the end we went with the skull one.
I tried the make up, and I like it :D

Red and black eye xD
It's quite simple, I don't want to go too extreme.

And while I'm at it, let me post a few more selfies hahaha.

The pictures were taken at the same time I was testing different outfits haha.

Anyway, the full outfit looked different of course.

Added a bag, more accessories, thighs, and awesome creepers :D
And in the shoot, there was a part where I added sleeves. It looked like this with sleeves:

lolol. Sorry for so much picture?

Anyway, even without the sleeves, everyone was already staring at me when I took the LRT and Monorail.
I'm like, 'Stare all you want, I know I'm fabulous XD'

But then I stupidly got into the wrong train lol. And then when I took monorail, I got down on the wrong station. -_- Guess I'm not so fabulous after all hahaha
And when I finally reach my destination, I got lost again since I've never really been there before -_- Fml. lol. Calvin asked to wait where I am and he'll come get me,  but I wandered away and got to the spot we're supposed to meet hahahhaha. Poor Calvin xD

We started shooting, lol he kept trying to make me laugh. Even though our theme was punk, we're trying to deliver a message where not all punk is those very scary emo looks like they wanna kill people punk.

Punk can be cheerful and nice too okay, look at NANA :D
And me. Lol. I was hyper that day, I kinda forgot how to Joee.
I mean, the me usually was not so hyper, though I'm not emo. Nah nevermind. I can't define me lol.

We shoot at a place for some time, then we walked to another location.
This time I darkened my eye, and darkened my eyebrows. And then I added my sleeves. Haha, got more extreme now.

Calvin shoot me in what he told me was editorial fashion style, where I just walk and do whatever I want and he just shoot. And he got throw out compliment like, 'Yes, that's awesome; beautiful; nice; woahhh', etc etc, you get the idea haha.

And I'm like,

Hahhaahahha xD
But there was some time when I ran out of ideas and I'm like, WHAT U WANT? when Calvin asked me to continue walking hahaha.
Then when we're done and we revealed the pictures, there's quite some 'WHAT U WANT' pose shots and Calvin called me the 'WHAT U WANT LADY'. lol

We did 2 round of shoots, and then we went to Burger King to have lunch. Spend quite a long time filtering the pictures since there's ALOT lol. But I love it, turns out so much better than I expected, I didn't I could look so awesome hahahahhahaha. Magic of Calvin :D
And he shows me quite a bit of some of his other works, I love his photography :3

That's pretty much it?
Went home using the monorail and KTM this time, with Calvin.
There was a point when he laughed at a guy stating at me and the guy awkwardly looked away lol, and I actually had no idea that happened until he told me later. Haha.
As usual, I got more stares from people, but I like it LOL.
Who doesn't love attention right? xD

Well, I'll update again when I got the photos, but he told me it might take about a month, since he have a lot of other shots to edit. Nevermind, I can wait >:D

And oh, one last picture before I end this.

There. Bye xD

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