Thursday, June 27, 2013


June is coming to and end. Half a year passed :/ Time is moving too fast, it's terrifying.

Anyway, a few updates about how June has been for me and what I've been doing.

On 7th June, I went out with Crystal. We window shopped in the Golden Triangle area.
I asked her out because that time I feel like eating Katsu Kare Rice, and I thought I wanted to try outside's Japanese Curry Rice instead of the usual one that I cook.
If I'm not mistaken I ate at Ichiban Ramen. Lol, I seldom eat Japanese food.

Curry rice *w* Well it's nice, nicer than what I made haha. As for other restaurants, I have no idea. I've never eaten curry rice in other restaurants. This is the first time I ordered curry rice in a Japanese restaurant lol. 

Crystal pulling a funny face xD

We ate in Pavillion. Then we just window shopped all the way to Times Square. It's nice hanging out and chatting with her ^w^

Inside the toilet lol

Picture taken while we're waiting for Crystal mom to finish work so we can go back with her haha.
But yeah, i guess that's it, just a simple hang out day :3


The next day, (8th June) is c2age. At first I don't plan to go, I have no mood to cosplay :/ Nor am I in the mood to meet people. But then since I need to COD stuff with people, I went.

I dressed up punkish, and just hang around with Chii and her teikyo friends.

My outfit of that day. But yeah, it's kinda boring at c2age. Just walked about all over the place then in the end just find a place sit with Chi and chat.

The next day I went to c2age again, but that day I cosplayed, so it wasn't as boring as the first day.
Cosplayed as Nana Osaki from NANA, since she reminds me of myself quite alot. :/
And I love her character xD Her attitude is awesome to me haha.

As usual I just roamed about, then I met Kendrick, Jourdan, and Feito. The 3 photogs xD The shoot me abit, and Kendrick gave me a cigarette lol. I just pretend to smoke, not really smoking and they don't let me try haha. They're like, DON'T YOU DARE SMOKE. lol. 

Then after getting bored of roaming around Chi and I went to the dressing room and we play UNO card. I saw Izabel and Roxas there too so I asked them to join lol.

After that I went to see Harmonia ACG perform. They had some technical difficulties, but it was a nice performance nevertheless. After watching the performance I just kinda hang out with Bryan and Cheesie. Then after that it's time to go home.
Yeah, that about summarize c2age I guess. Quite boring for me, I just have no mood to get hyped :/


After c2age there's not really anything, I spent my days at home practicing piano, watching movie, learning guitar, reading books, go out yumcha with friends at night.

Then some time before 16th of June, Minori messaged me and David asking if we want to do acoustic performance for UTAR Sungai Long's ACG event. We agreed. So the rest of June is spent by practicing for this event, and going to Minori's house for practice.

It's fun, our first practice is on 17th June, I took KTM to Subang and David fetch me from there. 
Lol the first practice wasn't good at all, David is his blur blur 'aiya last minute can practice mood' and I did not practice some songs yet cause I was busy with my classical piano work. Everything was messy haha.

A video of our practice lol. We're all kinda messing around.

After we're sick and bored of practicing, we went to Setia Walk for dinner. Went to Sushi Tei (I think) and I ordered Curry Rice again hahhaha. I want to compare if it's much different from another restaurant. Hmmm I think Ichiban Ramen's was nicer, but the portion in Sushi Tei is soooooo big. I can't finish at all.

It was nice hanging out and chilling with my band members like that :D Even if it's only 2 of them lol. David was really funny and Minori and I can't help laughing at him, and we don't even know the reason why sometimes lol. Seems like he's like a natural clown.
I hope that there will be chance to hang out with the full band one day.

After dinner, David sent Minori home then he sent me to a lrt station. He doesn't know how to go wth, but he just drove and asked for directions and eventually we got to one. lol. Then he told me to let him know when I got home safely.
On the lrt I received messages from Minori and Bryan too, telling me the same thing, to let them know when I reach home safely lol. I'm like, I very kidnap-able meh? Hahaha.
Anyway it's nice to know that people care :3

The next practice session was on Sunday.
We registered for a workshop that day too, at Wisma Bentley and its by Homegrown School. It's a song writing workshop.
We practiced for some time in Minori's house first, then after that we head for the workshop. It's the first time I've been to Wisma Bentley, and omg its's a whole building of music *o* I played with their baby grand piano too, and it's just so awesome TwT One day I'll have one!

The workshop itself is kinda meh, not really informative for us. :/
After the workshop is finished we ate at McDonald's lol. Then we head home~

On 25th June, we have our last practice session. I brought my keyboard along this time. Everything is kinda settled during this practice session. Except for some reason, Minori and I keep laughing when David's playing Last Song by Gackt. We don't know why we're laughing, but we can't help it. We just look at David and we laugh. Hysterically.
I was singing and playing halfway then I suddenly burst out laughing lol. Laugh till my stomach aches. In the end I just skip my part hahaha.

After practice David and I went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner. He keep asking me where I want to eat/what I want to eat and I keep repeating I dunno. In the end I got tired of him asking and I just say Sunway Pyramid lol. Ended up we ate in Ichiban Ramen.

We talked about our band and music composition stuff, and to be honest it feels relieving to have someone else know what I'm thinking about the band lol. 
Then he sent me to Subang ktm and I took the train home. With my keyboard =w=
It's already night by then, and somehow it feels very anime-ish, me sitting with the keyboard beside me, looking out of the window and listening to music. Hahaha. People were staring xD

Well that's out last practice session. After that came the performance, which is today and I'll update in another post tomorrow night since I'll be busy during the day T_T Need to bring Miko and Baby to the groomer, and I need to complete all my piano theory work. OTL

For now, time to sleep. Goodnight.

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