Friday, June 28, 2013

UTAR ACG Acoustic Performance

Ok, finally had time to sit down and blog about this. Today I went out after lunch, brought Miko and Baby to the groomer. After I got home, I had to do my piano theory work. By the time I done that (which I actually didn't cause there's no time, I had to finish around 4 sets of paper which will take me like...10 hours normally. Just managed to finish 2 sets OTL) it's time to have dinner cause I have to go collect Miko and Baby from the groomer.

After bringing the dogs home, I had to go for my piano theory class. Went at 7.30pm, and finish at around 10.30pm. So yeah =w= And I'll be honest, I haven't taken my bath yet LOL. And I'm too lazy to go take now, meh. I'll take it tomorrow morning hahaha.

Ok back to the topic, the performance was yesterday. I woke up around 9.30am and take my sweet time getting ready since UTAR is like, 5 minutes drive from my house.
I simply pulled on an outfit, and quickly did my make up, simple basic make up.

 Makeup and outfit

Lol my makeup is more like no makeup xD Covered my pimples and dark circles, all on a little more brow, super think eyeliner and a coat of mascara. That's all lol.
Outfit is more like casual punky? Meh I don't know what to call it hahaha.

When I got to the place I'm greeted by a commitee member, he's really nice and friendly. He carried my keyboard in while I register.
Minori was already there, and then David reached too.
Then we did sound check, and everything was alright. The sound was a bit soft at first with a lot of buzzing sound, but after adjusting a bit it became normal. While sound checking the emcee keep
announcing us, like repeatedly lol, I'm like, 'omg stop you're making me nervous'. After sound check we went into a classroom to kind of warm up a bit. Sadly we only have like 10 minutes, then up on to the stage we go~ David was nervy hahahhaa, funny to see that cause he's normally the overly relaxed guy.

The first song we did was Whenever You Are by ONE OK ROCK. I didn't do much for this songs, just added some strings effect when Minori and David sang the chorus.

The next song is Last Song by Gackt. That's when disaster happened. On the first note I play, I knew I'm fucked. The keyboard settings was out, everything was super soft and then there's a lot of buzzing and hissing noise. I can't stop since I've started, and I tried to stare at the audio engineers. But somehow it's still soft so I increase the volume on my keyboard a bit. I can't up the volume more because it'll sound really messy, buzzing noise fml.
I have no choice but to just make do with the awful and soft sound, but then when it's my part to sing, the microphone have no sound. Wth. Screw it. Minori had to come and hold her microphone to me, which is fine until the chorus cause she need to sing too. But at least by the time the audio engineer kind of fixed the microphone already.


And as if those happenings wasn't bad enough already, the next disaster was my cable fell out. Fml fml fml. So during a part there's no keyboard, and I'm in the middle of singing shit. I had to try and sing while trying to fix it, but thank god Minori jump in at a part, I can try to fix my cable then.
The emcee came to my rescue too.

During all this all I wanted to do was dig a hole, jump into it and never appear again wtf. 

You might think that this is enough disaster to last me for a loooooong time now, but no, there's still another disaster. After playing Last Song by Gackt, it's time to play This Love by Angela Aki.
Before starting we gave some time to the audio engineer to set the settings on the mixer so that my keyboard won't sound so messy and soft.
We started on This Love after they finish setting, but somehow the sound is worse. It's softer than before, and when I turned up the volume on my keyboard, there's some weird noise accompanying it. Like some drum beat wtf. And worse is, by that time I damn panic and nervy already, I keep playing wrong, but thankfully David helped me to cover up my mistakes. 

This is the worst performance I've ever given. At previous other events, there's some minor technical problem but never have I encountered such stupid technical problems, all coming on top of another.
I'm so pissed off I don't even....asdfghjkl
And guess what? They changed the speaker after our performance. So everything was fine after that. They should have changed it before we started playing this love :/ David kinda tell them off for that, it's not like we didn't give them time, but meh. No use crying over spilt milk :/ Plus at least they're very apologetic.  But..arrghhhhh, thinking back it's really embarrassing to me. Adfghjdfgh.
After I started school and have learnt more about audio engineering, I'll set everything myself in the future performance. -_- 

Some bad quality pictures. My sister didn't realize there's finger smear on the lens. Sigh.

Anyway, I left as soon as the event is over. I feel horrible and I don't feel like facing anyone anymore. So screw it, home I go~ David and Minori leave as soon as it's over too.

Minori told me that it wasn't as bad as what I think cause her mom recorded our videos and she said that it sounds okay in the video. I haven't watch it yet so I have no idea, but in my memory of the day, everything was awful. Meh.

I'll update again after I watched the videos, but right now I'm still thinking it's bad. :/

Now to go to bed. I'll be working tomorrow, from 10am to 10pm. Sigh. And I have to be there by 8am for some briefing. OTL 
I'll be working on Sunday too, though on Sunday it'll only be from 10am to 6pm :3

After I work I'll be busy with my piano works again, and settings my stuff like college etc etc etc.
Well, good night people!

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