Monday, August 29, 2011


...Okay, as said in last blog post, this will shock you guys...
I'm even doubting whether I really should post this or not...

....Coz it's ze' most stupid thing ever done. I dunno why I did it. Guss I'm overbored. F.Y.I, it's past midnight that time.


So, you guys should know what it is huh?

If not..then another picture..

Obvious duh.

Yes, it's me...with a cool stupid tummy and white belt and black bra. LOL.

And I'm still so high when taking this picture that time. Even made a video with the tummy singing "Sekai de ichiban ONAKA-SAMA". OTL

I dunno what I'm thinking that time =w=
And I deleted the video :P

Anyway, I figure out not much people really read my blog, so there. Post. Coz I've taken pictures.


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