Monday, August 29, 2011

Rockin' Ze World! :3


Aki came to my house last friday for sleepover :3
Well, we watched a ghost movie 'The Orphanage', which I think has a great storyline. And it's scary too. I guess. Cause Aki and I were so 'sampat' that time, er...I mean getting so scared when there's really not much to be scared of. Right, Aki? XD Then when it's time to sleep we both squeeze together in my tiny single bed =w=

Anyway, it's a great night XD
So, next morning, we went for breakfast then I accompany Aki go cut her hair. Came home, we play MAKE-UP!!! XD

Or rather, I play make-up =w= I tried to draw eyeliner on Aki, and she don't wanna play anymore coz she said she dun like the feel of products on her eye :(

So I mess around myself =w=
And...TADA~! XD

 Nope, no lens..Just the light..

:3 Lovin' that look ^w^

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