Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I've been thinking a lot lately, whether can I do it or not.
Do what? I don't know.
"Hontouni dekiru ka?' These words keep popping in my head these days.

Nani ga dekiru ka? ATASHI MO SHIRANAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so frustrated right now.


Final exam is just 3 weeks away. I don't want to fail anymore.
Yet, my laziness is overwhelming me..All I want to do is nothing. What the hell happened to me? I used to be so active, no afternoon nap, finish my work, pay attention in class, and others..

Naze darou..Kyonen no atashi wa chigau yo.

Everything is changing so fast, I'm getting scared. I wonder what will happen in the future?
It's not stable at all, not only mine, but my family's as well.

Mum always tell me our family problem, I'm glad she told me, but at the same time I just wanna be selfish and scream,
" There's no point telling me, I can't help, there's no need for me to worry too!"

How selfish can I be. I'm sick of it all.
Sometimes I wish nothing exist. Nothing at all. Imagine there's no life, no world, no universe. Just a big black image, blank. Makes you feel queer, right?

Sigh. Enough ranting, life goes on. You can't escape, just bear with it, and it'll be over soon. Time flies.
So, I shall sleep and gain 6 hours of peace and tranquility. When I wake up, problems will come flooding again, but then, there's always something to distract it till it's over.

Good night, world.

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