Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Band performance at Cosplay GO!

Finally, all my band performances is over!
I'm kinda sad about it, cause I have no idea when will I get to perform with them again, or meet them again lol. But at the same time I'm happy it's over, I got quite tired going out everyweek. Meh.

So, we jammed starting from the second week of August. Then it's Animangaki, and after that we rested a week, and jammed on the following week for Cosplay GO!

Acap was there on our last jam before cosplay GO!

We jammed at m2 studio, by the band Mystical Mirage.
The studio is not bad :D

Anyway, the next week after the jamming is Cosplay GO! Actually I'm quite worried for the guys, since I doubt they will practice much during the 1 week gap hahaha. But it turns out fine :D In fact, I think they all did great xD

We went to the event at 9.30am for sound check.
Actually sound check is at 10am, I told the guys they have to be there by 9.30am cause I don't want to risk anyone being late, cause late time at Animangaki Mr. David is very very late lol.

When we got there, we found out that the PA system and all the amps and sound engineer haven't arrive yet wtf. But then actually they aren't that late yet, cause I advanced the time haha. But I forgot the actual time we are supposed to soundcheck, so I panic along with them lolol. I influenced myself too wtf.

Another wtf thing is, some of the guys thought we are performing in the morning instead of 3pm =A=
Luckily they have nothing in the afternoon lolol. Minori and I were like, ....wtf.
Chrysler said it's a guy thing hahaha.

Anyway, the sounds stuff arrive around 9.55am, then by the time they complete setup and everything, I think it's 10.15am. Just slightly late la, but we managed to soundcheck fine. After soundcheck, it's time for my performance =A=

Actually it's quite a stupid thing for me this time.
I wasn't well prepared, and I planned to just use my performance slot for the band soundcheck initially.
But the members won't let me ;__;
So I have to go on stage anyway.

Initially I planned 3 songs to play and sing with my keyboard, but due to the lack of time, I cut it short to 1 song, and exchanged one of the songs to God Knows. WHICH IS STUPID OF ME.
Reason i chose that song is cause I know the lyrics quite well, and I sang it many times at the karaoke. I thought it'll be okay.
WRONG. I only managed to run through the song 2 times on the day before the event. And God Knows is hard to sing sigh. I totally ruined the song. But as for Last Song by Gackt, I think I did okay on that one.

 A very very very blur picture of me on stage

Aki Took some pictures, but he haven't upload them yet.
Meh, enough of my solo talk. Moving on to band performance!!

The stage is quite small. It just fits the 6 of us, and it was kinda dangerous on stage haha. The guys holding the instruments nearly knocked Minori and me sometime lol. And I think I'm blocking David ahaha .w.

I took the pictures from random person that posted it in the event page. I forgot who know, so credits to whoever that took the pictures .___.

There is not much crowd, but the crowd that is there is supportive :D

The first part of the performance. For the other 2 songs, go click to Youtube and find in the username la. I lazy link hahaha.

After the performance, we were told to wait cause the management wants to give us something. So we waited. Then I spot one of the committees carrying a fruit basket.
I looked at Minori, she noticed it too. We laughed. The others haven't noticed yet, and at that time there's another band playing, so it's too loud for them to get what is going on. The Chrysler noticed the basket too, and we laughed again. (or more like I laughed while he give that ahaha smile lolol)

No one wants to take the basket lol, so we played lat ta li lat and Dustin is the odd one out, so he has to take it lol.
After that they chao, I hanged around with David and Daniel for a bit while waiting for mom to come. Just watch some other bands perform and stuff lol.

The next day, I went to Cosplay GO! again. Performed again, but as a sessionist for the band Bad Apples. I didn't take any pictures with them =A= HOW CAN I FORGETTTT ARRGGHH.

Anyway, I did take one with Suzann, the vocalist. In the toilet :x

It was nice to try playing with some other bands, although I must say, I'm very used to my own band ways that I find it a little off. Off as in, I can't really understand what is going on @w@

And since I was actually busy for my own band that time, I did not really listen to their songs in details, I played mostly chord and some obvious strings and piano parts.
Sorry TAT I messed up a bit too :\

But it's nice getting to know new people :D
And thus, I made some new friends haha.

Well, i guess this is it~ Tata!

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