Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Bit and pieces of Jrock no Tamashii and random shits cause I'm too lazy to blog everything seperately

Lol, bits and pieces cause I didn't manage to take pictures of all the band. My phone camera is not that good to capture in a dark environment, and another thing is I'm too busy enjoying the music haha.

Anyway, Jrock no Tamashii was on 7th Sepetember. Which is a week before Cosplay GO!.
I got free entry to Jrock no Tamashii, because my band is invited to go.
So I went, after jamming. Daniel, David, Chrysler, and Acap came too.
I had lunch with David first, then we go.

Met with the others there. Lol, it's kinda weird, don't ask me why they didn't follow us for lunch together. I sendiri pun tak tau.
Then later in the event, Carlson came. I bugged him to hang out with us before he leave Malaysia and go to England.

Some of the bands. They invited 2 bands from Japan and 1 band from Singapore. The others are locals.
I like most of the bands, except one of them ahaha. They doesn't fit with the Jrock scene ._.

Anyway, Daniel, Chrysler, and David left early. Carlson and I stayed till the end of the event.
I was so freaking tired hahaha.

We went for dinner after that, Carlson brought me to Station 1.

While waiting for our meal, we played Jengga lol.

He took this picture of me without me realizing haha

I won xD
Actually we've set punishment, but I forgot all about it. Carlson got away grrr.
After dinner, I drove to Taman Maluri to fetch mom home. I think it's around 11pm by the time I reach there. Then when I got home I guess it's probably almost or past midnight.

Oh and that day, jamming time was 11am. Had to leave around 9.45am to meet up with Dustin at 10.15am cause wanna avoid traffic jam.

So that means I've been out the whole day. And the best part is on the following day (8th September) I had to run a 8km marathon lol. Run for peace :D
Woke up early in the morning, run the  marathon with Uncle and Aunt.
I managed to complete the marathon before my uncle ahahhahaa, awesome feel xD

Got free ice-cream and Isotonic drinks after the finish line :3 Got some other stuff as well, but didnt take pictures.

After the run, I had breakfast at McD with Uncle and Aunt xD
After that go home, shower, and nap hahaha. Lack of sleep okay, look at my poor dark eye circle ;_;

In the evening, went jamming with the band Bad Apples.
The studio is at Taman Melawati, so far. Suzann picked me up, and I went with her.
There's also adorable kittems there.

So cuteeeeee!!

Haha then at night, went yumcha with family. After I got home, sakai Crystal suddenly called me, and dragged me go out yumcha again LOL. So I go 2nd round XD
Jie Jun and Xavier is there too, they're having sem break :D

We talked and sohai abit, then Crystal's time curfew is up and we had to leave.
Lololol i wonder when will Crystal break free from her curfew xD

The next day, which is Monday, we went to Loudspeaker for karaoke :D
Except Jie Jun. Something came up last minute and he can't make it :/

Camwhore in toilet after singing lol.

Well I guess that's it, until next time~~

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