Monday, September 23, 2013

Got my own laptop, finally.

I finally have a laptop to call my own.

To be honest, I'm not 100% happy about it. ._.
I'd rather use the money to get a better keyboard synthesizer instead. :/
But I have no choice, I need a laptop for my studies sigh.

I got Lenovo y410p, since the specs is what I need, and I guess it's the only laptop with the specs in my budget lol. Sad that I can't really choose, but this Lenovo laptop is quite cool actually.

The box lol

My lappy~~~ 

Looks kinda plain when it's off, but when I switch it on, the keypad has red LED lights underneath it

Thinking of naming my laptop Mr. Red LOL
Okay just kidding. I probably won't.
Or I might hahahaha.

Ta da~ Lol picture is not that nice, it looks better in real.
Oh and I got a matching red and black mouse ^^

I got this laptop for RM2899. The standard price sigh.

I asked a lot of stores in Lowyat, but most of them said sold out.
Actually Feito recommended me this model, I told him what specs and I need and my course, and he told me to get this laptop.
And he warned me that this model is selling like hot cakes, and it might be hard to find.

So anyway, I asked a lot of stores in Lowyat, and only 3 of the stores that I asked have it. The first store I asked is selling for RM2850, plus reformat to Windows 7.

Lecturer actually asked us to use Windows 7 since a lot of software is not compatible with windows 8 yet. I plan to get from the store plus downgrade, when they told me sorry, it's actually sold out fml.
Wasted my 20 minutes time negotiating, and waiting for them while they check their store for this model.

Fine. So I moved on to another store, that's selling for RM2800, no reformat.
Same thing happened, waited, and nay. Sold out too fml.
I got fed up, why the hell did they say they still have it when they don't. Zzzz, They should have checked properly first.

So I moved on to the third store, which is where I got it from. Selling for RM2899 sigh. No reformat too, as you can see from the picture my laptop is in Windows 8.
Actually I guess if I kept on looking in Lowyat and asking, I'll be sure to find one selling at a lower price. But I'm already fed up, since I was kinda in a bad mood that day, and I've wasted almost 4 hours looking around and asking and negotiating. Mom is fed up too, so we just decided to get from there.

After getting it, I went hunting for mouse and a cooler pad while they help me install some software into the laptop.

I bought a Cooler Master cooling pad.

It has blue LED light lol. Wish it's red instead TwT

Well, I guess that's it. I'm happy that I have a laptop la, just that if I could I'd substitute it for a keyboard instead ._.
But oh well, I have no choice, and at least I have my own laptop now yay!! :D
And this laptop's speaker is quite awesome too :>

Well anyway, I guess that's it.
Oh, and thanks Feito, for all the tips and stuff xD

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