Saturday, October 12, 2013

Update on life

Hello people.
I'm blogging now since I finally have the time. I have a week break :D Back to Cheras now.

The past 2 week has been busy. I was rushing my schools assignments, and in between I was visiting the hospital to check on my jaw problem.

So, basically there is this problem with my jaw, I feel it cracking when I opened my mouth, and when I eat, I feel pain. Finally when I can't take the pain anymore, I went and consult a doctor.
The doctor gave me pills such as antibiotics, pain killer, muscle relax, and etc. It didn't work. It only ease the pain a tiny bit, and after the third consultation, he finally wrote me a letter for consultation in a hospital.

He directed me the orthopedic, but then the orthopedic directed me to the Ear Nose and Throat section in the hospital zzz. And then, the ENT section directed me to the dental wtf.
Anyway, fortunately the dental accept my case, and the dentist took a look at my jaw.

Then she made me a spleen, which I have to wear every night.

At first it's really uncomfortable, but now I'm kinda used to it. And it's only been a week since I started wearing it, but I can feel that it's really helping :D I don't really feel pain anymore.
But stupidly I think I left it in USJ ugghh. Guess I have to go and get it tomorrow.

Well enough about my teeth, let me show you guys some of my college work.
Some of it is actually quite some time ago,

 Drawn with charcoal on black paper

Poster for Visual Communication

Painted on shoes for visual communication
Picture taken by James XD

 Pencil drawings for 2D Illustration

 We had to trace out logos with photoshop

Create water droplets effect with photoshop

 Oh, yesterday we're supposed to do a presentation for the shoes we painted on for Visual Comm class, but unfortunately some of our presentation have to be postponed -_-

Anyway, took some pictures haha.

Selwyn, Me, Stephy, and Oliver 


Lol I got bunny ears again haha

 Haha waste of our effort on wearing formal wear since we didn't get to present yet. zzz

Well, beside stuff from college, last Saturday my family and I went for dinner at Bavarian Beer Garden. We bought some voucher on Groupon, and it's a meal with PORK in everything lol.
Feels so stuff after that meal, and a tad bit sick of meat.

Spaghetti (with bacon) 

Mushroom potato soup (with bacon) 

Pork knuckle 

Pork meat, sausage, and weirdly, salmon, beef and lamb  

Bacon burger 

Pork ribs

It was a nice dinner, chatting with family and eating together :D

Hmm...Aside from that, I went karaoke with cousins, then yumcha with Crystal.

Crystal! :D

 Midnight karaoke!

Random selfie lol

Well I guess that's it.
Oh yea, today went to find Jie Jun with Xavier and Crystal.
Some random pictures:

Went to someone's funeral today too. I just hope that person related is as okay as he look.
Stay strong!

Well, that's all for now.
Will probably go yumcha with friends again later, then have to go to Cheras and fetch mom back to Sungai Long. She went to Thailand the past few days.
Hope she bought lots of awesome stuff for me XD
Maybe I will blog about that hahahha.

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