Monday, December 7, 2009

New piano teacher~ XD

Today night time go meet new piano teacher~ Why?
Cause I want a teacher that will be able to teach me for a long time!
Not like at piano store ==
the teacher I got now is...........@@
and they just change the teacher a lot ==
the techer teaching me at piano store now is the my 3rd teacher!!
plus, my mum cant fetch me anymore~ sigh~~
anyway, the new teacher still not yet comfirm my teacher...she wanna check me out first....sigh =_=

I'm supposed to be practicing Chopin opus 64-1 "Petit Chien"
HELL!! That song is nuts!!!!
Plus my theory homework~
hahaha.....i always do last minute~ XD
sigh..anyway, nothing to post more.....


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