Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Summary of my 2013

I've posted this as a status in Facebook, but shall post here again for personal purpose:

-Bleached and dyed my hair for the first time xD
-Gotten ear piercings
-Learned how to drive and got my license
-Got my first job (promoting shrimp and cooking them for sampling LOL)
-Been proved that my thought, "No one will ever have a crush on me" is wrong lol :x
-Faced family shits and problem and become more mature because of it
-Had 5 photoshoots!
-Cut my hair short (and shocked people with the punkish side of me hahaha)
-Gained back all weights I lost last year fml
-Improved on my jogging ability (5km in 30minutes!! weeeee)
-Kind of lost interest in cosplay (can't remember cosplaying anything aside Nana and Luka this year)
-Traveled out of Malaysia with friends! (to Singapore)
-Finally gotten over my crush, and no more feeling awkward whenever I talk to him
(I think he lost the awkwardness too yay)
-Started college, and met lots of awesome people!
-Moved out from home (not really happy with this, hope that can move in with my coursemates next year, at least it'll be better)
-Improved on my musical ability (Being more sharp in playing based on hearing, managed to sing and play simple songs on guitar, ability in the technical side of music, singing better)
-Experienced being a crew for live events
-Joined a singing competition
-Finally have my own laptop!
-Got surprised during my birthday for first time
-Improved more with my bandmates (i miss them, can't wait to work with them on the next project)
-Had to wear a tooth spleen for 2 months(!!) to cure my jaw pain
-Have a new crush after getting over the old one (I don't know whether he can sense anything or not, but I'm afraid of making any move. Terrified that I'll fall headalong into the dark void again ._. )
-Been told how much I mean to someone (thanks a lot, that really boosted my self esteem)
-Gotten a lot more interested in photography (especially towards hauntingly beautiful stuff)
-Finally accepting the fact that I won't grow taller anymore and will always be teased for my height (to be honest, it doesn't bother me getting teased, but i would be a lot happier if I'm taller haha)
-Learned that no matter what you do or how you are, not everyone will agree with you, and that's perfectly OKAY.
-Gotten a distinction in my exam (piano theory)
-Stopped my practical piano lesson (Can't cope with it anymore, not with my current schedule and financial status)

I guess that's all. It's been quite a hectic year, with life changing events.
Hope that 2014 will be a better year for everyone!

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