Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year's Eve and New Year.

Time flew by so fast that I'm quite overwhelmed.
Somehow 2012 is still so fresh in my mind, I can hardly believe it's 2 years ago. 
I can't seem to really move on from 2012 lol, too many precious memories happened in that year.
(even my header is taken in 2012, and seeing that header already brought me a rush of memories OTL...Time to change the header)

Oh well, anyway I didn't really do anything special on New Year's Eve.
It was my uncle's birthday, and he treated us all dinner :D

We went to Bukit Mewah Club, Kajang. It's freaking crowded =A=
Everyone went there to countdown.

The queue, and mind you I was standing near the middle of the line when I took this picture.
There's more people behind us =A=

Anyway that picture was taken after we ate hahaha. 
But we still had to queue when we first for there, though the queue then was kinda halved the length.

The New Year Eve's menu sucks.
Usually they have a lot of variety (along with my favourite Cheese Steamboat dip), but they removed that choice on New Year's Eve T____T
And the price is so much more expensive on New Year's Eve =_= With small portions.

Watermelon and Honeydew Juice.

Bloody expensive. RM7.80 each (or was it RM14.80? can't remember, but either way, EXPENSIVE)
I can finish the whole bottle in like, 3 or 4 gulps? == 

Cheese Chicken.

This was delicious. Love it xD
But portion was small :/

Fried ice-cream haha.
I love this, can't remember the last time I ate fried ice-cream.

Hahahahahahhaha xD

After dinner we went to Baskin Robbins since there's 31% off *w*

It's freaking crowded as well. And a lot the flavors were sold out T^T

Stuffed with people lol


We got 3 Quartz, 2 flavors mixed in each hehe.
My favorite was the right one, cotton candy flavor mixed with rainbow sherbet (pineapple, raspberry, and orange). 
I love the combination of sweet cotton candy and sour fruits *w*
Normally I prefer cotton candy mixed with the citrus sherbet, but they ran out of it T__T
But rainbow sherbet was quite good as well, just that I'm not that fond of pineapple lol.

And that sums up my New Year's Eve lol. I didn't go out anywhere for countdown, but I have Baskin Robbins accompanying me xD


So, on New Year.
Went out to meet my girl friends hehe.
Had tea time together.

Since Aki left early, we took a picture with her, in the phone. Hahahaha

I received belated birthday presents as well lol, by Crystal and Chi.

Skull by Crystal, keychain by Chi!
Awwwww. Love them so much >w<
The 2 items kinda show my style? Lol

I bought a hair-dye while I'm out with them too.
Had to get rid of my pink hair because I have to work /___\
No one would hire me with pink hair zzz.

I don't understand this mentality, what's wrong with having colored hair?
If I tie it up properly, I still look neat. Not like I'm all sloppy or what, the only thing is you can see is some colors. I can't see what's wrong with that lol.

Anyway, I need money, which means I need to work. And I have no choice -.-
And my color is fading away, and black roots is growing longer and getting ugly anyway haha.
After I finish work and before Chinese New Year, I'll probably add some other colors again hahaha xD

Drug-store box kind.
I'll never use this type of hair-dye again =____=
Regretted using this type of dye. 
It damages my hair more much more than bleaching it!!!
I applied coconut oil, but my hair feels so rough.
It's better now though after I used treatment cream everyday till now haha.

Last time when I bleached my hair (I bought bleach from hair care supplier shops, and it's not even expensive bleach. It only costs me RM12 lol), it won't feel rough at all. It'll still be soft, and my hair have no split ends. The secret to that is because I applied coconut oil before bleaching haha.
But this box type dye is just....bleerrghhh.  Smells freaking awful, and it burnt my scalp a bit =_=
So not used to it, cause when I bleach I feel nothing, and the developer that comes with it smells really nice as well.

Conclusion is I'll never use this type of dye again lol.
And there's not much color as well. I can only see the color on my bleached hair part, but at the back where my hair is natural black, there's hardly any color.

As a result it looks like this lol.
Oh well, at least the outcome is nice. Hehe

After dyeing my hair, it's already dinner time. Went out makan, then after that went to Viva Home to watch midnight movie with Sing Yee and her brother hehe.

OOTD lol

I realized that nowadays I don't have the mood to dress up like I used to last time.
Guess the reason is that I've gotten fatter and I just feel, fat lol.
Anyway, operation lose weight is running!!!
Got to lose em' fats before Chinese New Year!

We wore identical shirt without planning to LOL
What a surprise hahaha xD

We watched a horror movie from Thailand, called Made Me Shudder.
It's a cross between horror and comedy, kinda like Insidious 2's type, but this one is way scarier and way better.
It's meant to be watched in 3D though, but it's still good in 2D :D

After the movie, I think it's around around 1 or 1.30am? Can't remember. Anyway, we can't find Sing Yee's car after the movie since we came out from another exit x__x
The car park was so scary, it was DARK, and it's so empty.
Not fun at all, walking around in the dark with only dim light from the handphone to assist us, trying to find the car. So dangerous as well. Luckily there's a guy with us.

Well we finally found the car, then on the way back, we got lost OTL
And I...I think I saw a spirit or something. It was in the middle of a high way, and I saw an old uncle standing at the roadside, beside the left lane. His back was facing the car, and he was staring up, into another highway above the current highway. He just stood there, staring up and not moving OTL
After the car passed him, I looked back. He was still staring above. -A-

I asked Sing Yee and her brother whether they saw anything or not, but Sing Yee is busy driving, and her brother is looking at the GPS. They shushed me and told me not to talk about these stuff.
Oh well, I guess it doesn't really matter what I saw.
Be it human or spirit, if it doesn't disturb me then I'm fine.


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