Sunday, January 19, 2014

Just a quickie.

I'm screwed lol.
Haven't freaking start soldering my cables yet, and haven't made much progress with my Digital Imaging assignment.
So far I've only done like, 20%.
Uh ohh.

I have a week left before college start.
But, on Monday (tomorrow) I'm going out to KL for my motion photography (and hopefully street). Bryan said he'll help me with that.

Then on Tuesday, going out shopping.
And nope, I'm NOT going to cancel that plan.
I haven't gone clothes shopping for like what, a year???
Since mom had her operation in December 2012, she didn't have the energy to go, nor the money as well for me to spend. This time though, grandma gave me some money to buy CNY clothes :D
So happy.

Then on Wednesday night, got to go to the studio and record my cousin.
Promised him, so can't back out now.

Thursday is one whole free day for me, and Friday as well. (Except I got to complete my piano theory work and attend class at night.)

Then on Saturday and Sunday, got to work.

After that, it's college T^T
I'll probably be damn tired on first day of Sem 2. Sigh.
And right now I'm dreading the thought of when I will complete my assignment.
Yes I could be doing it now, but fuck this shit I just got back from work, I don't have the mood to do it. I'm tired. (But not tired enough to not blog LOL)

Well anyway, I have so many things I wanna update on.
My shabu shabu dinner, my work, the day I went to Putrajaya with Sofea, and some other random stuff. But I guess those will have to wait lol.

Okay going off to sleep now.
So damn tired.

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