Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shabu shabu with cousins! :D

So some time ago last week, (I think it was Thursday?? Was the day I went to the studio to help Emad record haha) Ah Leong suddenly contacted me on Whatsapp. We chat for a while, then he suddenly asked if I want to dinner with him and Ah Ping.
We asked bro and his gf along as well :3

After I got back from the studio and taken my bath, he arrived. Ah Ping arrived shortly after~

Went to Seri Kembangan, and we went to this Shabu Shabu restaurant called Shabu Shabu House.
It was my first time having Shabu Shabu, and I love it >w<
So nice!
It's like a buffet, with a huge variety of food.

The interior

It's quite a small restaurant, luckily Ah Leong booked before we went. It was full :o

They have this toilet sign LOL
I find it cute xD

And they have yoyo ice *o*
I love this ice! 

The drinks, sauces, and ice-cream corner :D

The food!! Lol it's like a sushi restaurant hahaha

Our table crammed with food hahaha. There's some food not available on the belt, we had to order them from the waiter/waitress.

We ordered LOTS of beef, mutton, abalone, pork, and chicken slice.
I think I tried my first abalone, and OMG SO NICE.

 My personal hot pot :D

I would definitely go back to this place wwwww.
The waiter/waitress are nice, the environment comfortable, nice variety of food, and they have nice desserts *w*
We ate so many mochi, and they have fried mantau as well! My fav :D
They have lots of ice-cream and ice flavor too :D
I actually made up my mind to try every single flavor, and Ah Ping was kinda scoffing at me about that hahaha.

Well she was right to not believe me, since I didn't manage to do that /__\ Was too full and too cold. But I still managed to try like, 7 or 8 flavors? xD hahahha.
Will go back again one day and try to complete my mission of trying all the ice-cream flavor :P

Anyway after Shabu Shabu, we went back and messed around with the camera.
Did some light trail shot.

Haha I love the last one.
My cousin sure has talent in drawing (y)
But oh well, he's an interior designer. Expected hahahahah.

Okay I guess that's all :3

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