Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Running out of time.

Again. Guess that always happen sigh, my time management is so shitty.
So today, I realized I only have 11 days before college will start again, and that means my assignment deadline are nearing as well.

Here's my assignment list:

1.Soldering assignment
I still have my soldering assignment to do, which so far I haven't start the soldering part.
I've only cut and strip the cables. Planned to start soldering since last week, but the soldering gun died, and after I replaced the gun with a new one, I somehow didn't get around to doing it.
13 cables to make, and I'm not sure if I even know how to do anything. I'm screwed big time on this.

2. Digital Imaging - Vector car 
I think this is the hardest assignment among all that I have to complete. Drawing out a car in photoshop and creating a poster wtf. I've only done the base shape of the car, and from there I'm stuck. I don't know how to add other colors and effect to make it more realistic, and I certainly don't have any idea for the poster. I'm adding in random lines on the car now to make it more detailed, but all these details are so hard to draw. I'm also screwed big time on this.

3. Digital Imaging - Photography
This is an assignment I really enjoy, but I'm running out of time to really do this.

There's 4 themes;

I've done the graveyard theme, but there is still motion, street and portrait for me to complete.
Motion I''ll probably get it done in no time, but for street I'll need to find a day to go somewhere.
As for portrait, I'll need to find a day to use my college's studio since my lecturer wants the 3 point lighting type portrait. Damnit T_T
All these will be really time consuming :(

Well those are the assignments I need to get done.
And right now I'm about to count how many days I have left to get it done.

Deadline for soldering assignment:
29th January.
14 days left.

Deadline for digital imaging.
3rd February.
19 days left.

Hmmm ok that is actually not that bad.

Oh wait. I have to minus out the day I won't be able to do any assignment.
So let's see....

Have to go to studio. And complete my freaking music theory work.

Going out with Sofea. (haven't meet her for so long!!!!! and it's the last day of her sem break)

My part time job.

Job again.

One day from the following week.
Need to go out with mom.

Next Saturday.
Part time job again.

Next Sunday.
Job. Again.

Well that sums up 7 days I won't be able to work on my assignment.
So that left me with 7 days to complete the soldering assignment, and 12 days to complete my digital assignment. Ahaha .___.

Okay I guess it's not as bad as I initially think?
Lol I don't know why but I feel as if I have only a very limited time left. Probably it's because I don't know how to really get started?

If you're wondering why I'm here wasting my time writing this now instead of doing my assignment, it's because I started this post last night while waiting for my brother to render his stuff on his computer.

I made a deal with him, that I'll help him edit his stuff on Photoshop and in return he'll have to help me with my soldering assignment. But knowing him, it probably won't really happen -__-
So anyway, he saved the wrong file size for me, 800x600 when he wants to print it as A3!! wtf.
So I have to wait while he re-render all again sigh.

Well by the time I had finish editing his stuff, it's around 3.30am -_-
Then I didn't sleep till 4am cause I'm absorbed in this book I was reading, called "The Life of Bees".

So anyway, continuing this blog post in the morning lu~
I'm not gonna leave my blog post halfway ehehe .w.
Well I guess that's all haha, I still have stuff to blog about la, about what have been going on previously, but I guess I'd better go nom my breakfast now, and do the soldering assignment x____x


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