Sunday, December 12, 2010


Woot!! Went shoe shopping yesterday!! :D

It's Sketchers warehouse sale!!! Caligear only cost RM10, and normal shoes cost RM49.

Haha, but I bought it at a cheaper price :D Why? Well, it's SECRET~ :P

At who knows where~

Hoi Yee, look like you leh!! Except the hair haha.

After that, we went to a mamak store and yam cha. xD

I ordered ice-blended Grape, but I din't take the picture. Instead, I managed to capture a picture of my mum's Cuppachino :)

WOW!! Right?!! Only RM3.50!!!! And it's worth 2 cup -.-" Same as my Grape~

After that, we went to Mahkota Night Market~ I bought some skirts  and a dress^^

xD haha~ I love the read and black skirt! The top was seperated, I bought the top some time ago.

And I also bought some sweets and japanese curry at 100Yen shop ^^

The cola sweet is really BIG, kinda dangerous for small kids to eat. But it tasted awesome! :D The fruit one is kinda normal~ No pictures of curry~

Haha~ At home, I spent time in my room relaxing ^^

Reading :)

Jealous? :P

Haha. Lame :P

Anyway, back to original topic haha. My shoe madness!!!

2 boxes man!

Nice eh?

I love this!!!!

Awesome right??!! xD

Haha. Well, bye bye! Lame. :P

~Joee Joe~


  1. OMG that's a HUGE cappuccino! I never seen the one like that in my whole life before!! (O.o|||)

  2. Huge right? when the waiter brought it, i'm like, @_@""" wth? ahahhaah....