Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mission Impossible.

Since it's going to be New Year soon, I though I would clean my room today. But ughhh, how I regret it -.-" it's totally Mission Impossible! Sigh. I start by cleaning my piano. All the dusts OMG.

All the things I put on top of my piano. Haha NO pictures of the dust. xD Too embarrassed to show you that. >//<

And oh, I opened up my piano to clean the insides.

Guess what I found?

YES IT'S A DEAD LIZARD!!!!!!! ARRRGHHHH!!!!! I though it's a twig, and I took it, and the feeling? EWWWWWWWWWWWW!! I dropped it at once and screamed hahahaha xD Only the bones left of the poor thing~

Sigh, I have to get rid of all these rubbish -.-"

Thats only the beginning, actually it's far more messier than that.
I share my room with my little cousin sister, and I had her take out all her toys and clean it up. She also had a lot of rubbish -.-" I din't took any photos. Also, I had to clean my messy closet tomorrow -.-"

All my clothes were not folded properly, they were just stuffed in there ._."

Sigh. =,="

I want a bigger closet and room T^T I wish I din't have to share my room with my little cousin sister :'(

~Joee Joe~
もっと大きいな部屋がほしいよ~ T^T


  1. Ewwwwwwww dead lizard!!!!! (> <|||) I just cleaned my room yesterday~~ (^O^) Mine is messier than you lol! XDXD Why did you share your room with your little cousin anyway? (O.o )

  2. Because I live with my family live with my uncle and his family lol~ The house only have 4 rooms, so I have to share T^T