Monday, December 6, 2010

Cosplay? =w="

Hey people! I've been thinking about cosplaying xD It's really expensive, and I wonder if I should try it =w="
I want to cosplay Lenalee Lee from D.Gray-Man, my favourite anime ^^ Here's a picture or her:

1) Long hair version



2) Short hair version

3) Even shorter hair version

Haha. Her hair got cut during a fight.

Her uniforms:

I have no idea to choose which one =,=" Sigh.



Well, since my hair is that length, I think the red uniform is better right? Or should I buy a wig or cut my hair shorter? Sigh. Help me!!!

~Joee Joe~


  1. you should do the reb button one cuz of your hair ^_^ i think it would look cute on you

  2. Ahh I see :) Thanks for the advice ^^ But maybe I'll compare the price of the clothes first xD