Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Random day.

It's kinda a random day. Haha. Went for a vocal audition :X And honestly, I think I'll fail. My voice's so shaky and I sing off key =.=" Well, the audition start at 5pm, but my mum went out and she's LATE. I almost went frantic.

Five minutes to five!!! And my mum haven't arrived. -.-" I feel like screaming that time. But soon after I took this picture she arrived. Phew.

Waiting for my turn. Sigh.
Oh well, went into the audition room. Sang. Off-key. The judges stopped me. And ask me to sing another song. And I think I really did fail. -.-" Oh well never mind. I just try for fun. At least I got a little experience of audition haha.

After the audition I took the bus to Jusco. Mum, bro and sis were there. Walk around, ate McDonalds, and bought....

>w< Am eating it right now haha xD
Oishii :D

Well, after going to Jusco, I'm supposed to go to my piano class. But there's still around 30 minutes left, so went to the night market and after that, piano class.

 What I wore to the audition.

My piano bag xD Matched my clothes :]

p.s: Hey, spot my blue cupboard? Saw those fairies stickers?? I've become a child again :D

~Joee Joe~


  1. Tiramisu rocks! \m/ Hahaha, what kind of audition did you enter? Chinese one ah? o(^O^)o Don't worry lah, I also onceentered an audition and then they rejected me with their whole might lololol! XDXD

  2. yaya >w< Chinese and english~ but its more to chinese :( lol~ I'm kinda a banana xD Cant read or write chinese but can speak chinese xD lol! oh well, its fun anyway trying these things ^^