Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bloody Doll.

This is a makeup I did during Halloween, even though I did not go anywhere. SPM was coming that time /_\ And because of SPM I did not upload this. And mainly also because I have no laptop to use.
But now my brother's having semester break, and he brought the laptop home :D

So I'm uploading now!
Even if it's almost 2 months late.

Eye makeup done.
Then I add those bloody skin and stuff.

hehe =v= Product used is lash glue, tissue paper, red lipstick and eyeliner.
Oh, and fake blood of course.
Fake blood is made with mixing a little bit of red food colouring into honey/maple syrup.
So, it's edible! :D
Taste sweet too :3

Did it on my arm too haha.

After that, to create more effect, I add on bloody tears lol.


Peeling the glue and tissue paper off LOL/

Haha. By the way, if you want to try this on your arm, I recommend that you make sure your arm is free of hair.

The process of peeling off the glue on my arm is not fun at all.
It hurts so bad lol.

Anyway, sweet dreams LOL

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