Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve Outing

On Christmas Eve, Crystal, Chii and I went to The Garden's Redbox for karaoke.

It was quite a miracle that Crystal's parents let her go OAO
Normally it was hard for her to go anywhere :/

I choose to wear a red leopard print button up sleeveless shirt that day, paired with a leather jacket and black skirt :3
And my black studded bag XD

As for shoes it was the black bling shoes I bought from Mines. Picture in this post. Click here :3

Crystal came to my house at 9am, and we waited for my uncle to bring us to Kajang KTM.
And guess what...Crystal gave me my birthday present OAO
Eventhought it was really late XD

I did not open it till I came back from the karaoke haha.

Anyway, at the KTM station, waited for a while for the train to come. Then we meet Chii at Serdang station and head to Midvalley :)

We sang during lunch hour, which means there's buffet lunch >w<
The food is not bad considering the karaoke price, which is RM24+++ I think.

It was fun singing ^w^ There's quite alot of new updated Japanese song :D
There's God Knows, and Chii sang the main vocal while I try backup vocals :D
As a practice for our band New Year performance, will be performing the song and I'll be singing melodies xD And I managed to sing it, though I think it went off a little at some point. More practice!!!

Just one picture in the karaoke room, too lazy to take more lol.

After karaoke, we went to Shojiki-ya and got ice-cream >w<
I loveeee Japanese ice-cream. I also got some other stuff.

Potato snack, Japanese curry, and chocolate :x
Craving snacks nowdays >A<
Been quite a while since I ate them lol.

After that, we went to Jusco's arcade for Purikura :3
Then we went into Daiso Japan and just hang around looking at stuffs lol.

Well I guess that was pretty much it~ Doesn't sound really interesting I know, but it was an awesome day :3

At home, I opened the present Crystal gave me.
She wrapped it up in many layers of newspaper -.-

It's a cute contact lens case, and a leopard print pouch for my phone >w<
Thank you, Crystal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Oh, I also received souvenir from Chii :3
She went to Bangkok.

Leopard print earrings!!!!! And tribal Aztec earrings!! :D
Time to get my ears pierced!! >D

That's all, I guess :D

Was a fun day out :3

Hope can go out together again, with Aki next time D<

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