Sunday, January 8, 2012

Popcorn, Honeydew, Fried Rice, Lemon Juice, and Mangoesteen Ice.

Hello people.
I'm at home right now, blogging, instead of being at school.

Well, what happened is...

5am: Woke up due to extreme pain in my stomach. Curled up and continue trying to sleep. Failed, gotoilet.        Also no use, so go wake up Mummy and complain lol.

5.30am: Eaten medicine, applied some stuff on my stomach, then go to Sofa and curled into a ball.

6am: Mum's alarm clock woke me up =_= Feel the horrible pain again, but dozed off anyway.

6.30am: Mum's alarm clock again -FFFUUUU.jpg- Go into room and dozed.
7am: Feel like want to vomit, so quickly ran to the bathroom.



And that's what happened~

Mind you, I'd rather be in school than having to go through the stupid pains OTL
And I don't get how people can be bulimic, it's freaking awful to puke /_\

 I'd rather be fat than puking away ._.

So anyway, the though of puking make me want to puke again, so bye for now, I go camp in the toilet OTL


  1. YOU SOUND SO SICK.... Not the sick sick as in literally SICK... ==" I don't like it.. :(
    You have been through so many pain T-T *hugs jojo tightly* TAKE CARE MY DEAR and I know this is a little late comment.. AHAHAHAHA :3

    1. Awww thanks Yuki >w< Don't worry I'm all fine now lol XD

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