Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Irridescent blogger award!

I was tagged on 8th January, but I delay till now :/ Sorry Aeri  ><
1. Tagged by Aeri :3 ( she stared this)

2. -I love cosplay
    -Whenever I sneezed, it will be at least 4 times in a wor
    -I love music
    -I'm plump, or in other words overweight lol. trying my best to burn off stupid extra fats
    -In love with Gero, Phil, and Dan.
    -Love japanese language
    -Trying to speak with British accent, but it's failing
    -Loves nature
    -Loves taking 'emo' photo lol.
    -Wants to learn every instrument in the world

    -Taking photos or having my photos taken xD
    -Hanging out
    -Playing musical insturment
    -Travelling, eating, enjoying LIFE 
    -Onion, garlic, ginger unless its cooked till extremely soft or fried 
    -Being lied
    -Being judged
    -Being copied
    -Having clothes I cant wear T^T
4. I tag...Chinatsu, Yuki, Yenni lol

~What makes me shine?
Just being me.

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