Monday, January 21, 2013

Vocaloid default photoshoot!

Last Saturday, I finally had a photoshoot for my Megurine Luka default!!

We shoot at our home lol, convenient =w=

Kyee and I rushed our prop the night before, at 12 midnight :x
We had to untangle my Luka wig that got awful during Comic Fiesta, and we had to make the Vocaloid earphones.

Kyee untangling the extremely tangled wig~

When done, the wig got a whole lot thinner lol.

And rushing the props~~

Anyway, woke up at 9am the next day to get ready and put on makeup.
I realized that my Luka actually look really tired, like Chii said.

Here's an example:

I realized the reason is...I makeup not following to Luka's character -_-
I followed my own.

As a result a lot of my pictures turned out looking...tired =w=


But, there's still lots of nice pictures!

Still got others lol, but lazy upload so much~

Here's some that the photograper edited! :D

Edited photos by photograper.

We shoot from morning till late noon lol.
I loved the candles shoot. Lighted about a hundred of them :D
Burning myself is totally worth it TwT

Some omake photos xD

It's a nice shoot :D

Thank you to those that helped, and to the photograpers which is Haziq and Geraldine! :D

Oh and in this picture I've already changed xD To my normal me hahaha~

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