Sunday, January 13, 2013

Yam Cha session with Kaichou, Chii, Aki

Hung out with Aki, Chii, and Arif yesterday at Jusco, Balakong lol.
Just a meet up session, talked and chatted. (Mainly done by Aki, Chii, and me lol. Kaichou quite quiet =w= )

Anyway, Arif came at around 11am++ to pick me up xD

Lol even though he very smiley here I thought he's quite emo =w=
Poor nii-san~

Anyway, we meet with Chii at McD, then hang around waiting for Aki to come.
Then we had lunch in McD.

And in McD, I opened my belated birthday present from Chii. (My birthday is 17th November LOL)

Never expected this at all.
I mean, I know that she's going to give me a phone case after several hints from her, but I have no idea what she's doing.
She told me that she's making my present at times, and I'm like, how in the world you gonna make a phone case...
It never occur to me that she's blinging it -___- Yay I'm so blur.

Anyway I loveeee it. I can't find any phone case for my phone. (uhh..not that I actually go around and ask :x ) It's a model no one really use, and HTC phone case damn hard to find =__= My phone model's HTC Mozart T8698.

Mozart-kun finally got clothes to wear liao ;w;


And after that we went to the toilet lol. And we...Took pictures xD

Missing person: Crystal?

 Same noob face together xD

After that we headed to the arcade, and waste some time there wwwww

Taiko~ Then we went for Purikura! >w<
And of course, made use of the good lighting for camwhore shots too hahahaha

My green streaks of hair is fading into pink wtf -__-

After a very rushed purikura ( seems like everyone was unprepared lol), we went for ice-cream. ( Well, they, actually. I doesn't feel like eating ice that time). And after that we just went home. Kaichou fetch all of use home :3


Moe moe kaichou XD

As usual, I look noob with my glasses on and hair clipped back XD

That's all haha~~~
Buh bye!

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