Wednesday, January 9, 2013

7th January karaoke

Went to Red Box, Gardens, for karaoke again lol.
This time with Bryan and Tony, with Crystal and Chii too.

Nothing much to write actually, except that we sang like maniac and screamed till no voice? xD
Haha just gonna upload pictures.

And oh, thanks Bryan for belanja-ing us haha, Tony excluded lol.

My outfit of the day. Lol kinda gothic and punkish :3
I love black :3 
Been loving black since I'm in Form 1, will never change I guess.

 In the KTM lol

Ugghhh I'm breaking out that day. Stupid pimples x___x

No pictures of Bryan and Tony lol.
Stupid Bryan won't let me take a picture, cheehh >:(

Haha I've kind of taken my uncle's camera for myself lol.
I've made it a point to bring it to whatever outing I go and to take pictures lol~

Well after singing we just hang around a little, went to Shojikiya for ice-cream, then went to a music shop to get my guitar strings. Talking about guitar strings, I bought ball end strings since I have no idea how to tie it. But even so I had a hard time replacing my strings -.-
So I skyped with Jason, and he taught me over the webcam how to replace it lol.
Not exactly effective, since it's hard to actually show lol but after re-doing for about 3 times I finally got it :D Sankyuu senpai xD

Okay back to topic, we went to Jigsaw world and look around, then home after that hahahaha.
Nothing more to say I guess?

Hmmm no, still have some photos. Crystal and I took a taxi home to my condo, and we hung around abit at the swimming pool.

Okay. Really nothing more to say now lol. Tata~~~

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