Friday, January 4, 2013


I've been wanting a crazy hair colour since last year, but due to school and SPM I've never really gave it much thought about what colour I want. I just know that I want something dramatic, something that will make people stare and go woooaahhhh. Hahaha I know, I'm an attention seeker lol.

I did not want all the usual colour people go for, they're too boring for me. I want something unusual, something special. Normally people will just dye their hair brown, ash, red, dark purple, something along that line. Which I thought was boring :x

I wanted to stand out lol, so I thought I'll go for purple.
But I changed my mind, lately there's more purple, and anyway purple will fade off to pink, which is getting quite mainstream too? Meh. I guess I'm a hippie LOL (Not.)
I just wanna be different~

So I thought about blue, or green. But then I couldn't decide, and I ended up mixing the two colours together. To be honest I have no idea how it will turn out hahaha. While the stylist is mixing, the colour of the mixture is a deep ocean blue, a colour like my Lal Mirch hair.

The colour is something like this, just lighter.
So I expected more blue, but it turns out more to green haha.

Anyway, I did not do the whole of my head. It was just a tiny section at the back of my head, which I regretted now. It's not obvious enough, I want MOREEE.
That stylist told me it's dip-dye, but his idea of a dip-dye is different apparently lol. His was just a small section at the back. I expected a dip-dye to be the whole of the head, but at the ends of hair only.

Last picture of me with completely black natural hair:

It was already 11pm when we started lol.
I have piano class till 9pm yesterday, and he came around 10pm wtf =.=
The he start on bro's first, bro dyed his whole hair red. Like, real, flaming red. RED.
No pictures though.
And he cut his hair too.

By the time bro's done it's already 11pm. My turn hahaha.
Quite crazy to do something like this so late.
So, start bleaching baby!!! :D

Bleached 3 times. :x
And it turned out like this:


Then after putting on the colour, it becomes:

And...That's it =w=

Too little, not BOOM enough like Bryan said.

I want more drama xD~~~~

Will update again after I did more hahaha.

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