Sunday, August 31, 2014

Band performance for Animangaki 2014!

Haha this was a 4 weeks ago!

This is the third time we performed for AMG xD
This time there's a slight change though, instead of our usual bassist Dustin, we had a sessionist to replace him, Taro :3

The lovely members~

This time we planned proper jamming session instead of just last minute rushing we usually did hahaha. But then thinking on that, I think we changed the habit. Can't recall when was the last time we rushed lol~ It's a good thing XD 

Here's a picture during jamming!

This was in Pertama's studio. Meh, don't like this studio, it's quite crappy. I don't mind the room downstairs which is better, but then that is more expensive.

Usually we jam in M2 Studio, in Puchong. It's wayyyyyyyyyy better. But because of some timing issue, we have no choice but to go here.

I don't know if I'm the once that changed, or my members did. I used to think the guys as very serious and no fun, and it was hard for me to talk to them before lolol. But now, it's all different. They were making so many lame jokes hahaha xD And they seem more cheerful as well o.O 
Except for David, he seems more emo lol.
Minori is just like she was xD (Stay fun, Minori! XD)

Well, overall the jamming sessions were really enjoyable :)

Now, on to the performance~

I was supposed to fetch Taro in the morning, but kind of knowing him, I guessed he'll still be sleeping lol. I was right xD I called him when I depart from my house, and hahaha he was like 'oh my gawddd'.
Luckily I called him first~

Because of that we're kinda late, but it doesn't matter, the sound engineers were later than us. -_-
So...we just hung about waiting for soundcheck.

HAHA my expression XD

Lol don't know what i was talking about, but I look so funny haha. And lol I wonder what is so fascinating about the cables I was rolling to make Taro stare at it like that~

Made Daniel hold on to the cables while I do goodness knows what. And I can't remember who took the photos lol.


Without Chrysler and David, don't know where were they. And with an additional Acap lol.

There's this poster, and Minori was going on about how bishie the character is hahaha xD
We're all teasing her afterwards lol~

Half group photo lol

Anyway finally the sound engineers arrived, and we start soundchecking. 
It's unfortunate for me, but I think there is something wrong with the DI box for the keyboard amp. In the end I had to blast out form the amp T_T

Other than that, it was ok. 

During performance, stuff went wrong with the monitors. I can't remember exactly what it was.(Ahaha I'm writing this 4 weeks late ._. )
We couldn't hear each other properly lol (Isn't that always the case???)
And the speaker placement is quite cacat. The audience on the left and back could hear clearly, but those on the front and right will have no clue what we are doing lolol. 
Oh well. We had fun anyway wwwww

Here's a not complete video that my friend Gem took. Haha thanks!

After performance, we went to have our lunch in Texas chicken :D
Woah, I can't recall going with the whole band to eat something and just chat :o
It was great though.

And then we encountered this 'photo booth' hahaha

Chrysler have already ciao-ed that time though. Oh well :3
They printed this photo out for me too hehe.

So yeah, hung around a bit more after that, and they I left :3

We still have 2 jamming slots left with the studio, can't wait to meet them again!

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