Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year day

Yesterday was Lunar Chinese New Year! And I dyed my hair yesterday lol.
Read about it here: -click me-

After I finish dyeing, it's dinner time. Went to a restaurant few blocks away from my condo for reunion dinner with family.

Simple outfit for yesterday.

No picture during dinner lol.
After dinner, went back home to laze around.

Around 11.15pm, went karaoke at Neway with uncle, aunt, siblings, and cousins.

No picture in the karaoke room cause lazy to get up and take pictures. The room was small, so spaceless. 

We sang till around 3.45am @w@ We can sing till 5am, but by 3.30am we're all damn tired ady.
Plus Neway karaoke sucks in my opinion .__.

And I'm getting bored of karaoke, went karaoke so many times recently ._.
This is my 3rd karaoke this week LOL.

Same outfit for dinner, just added pleather jacket and heels xD

The next day (today, the day I typed this lol) , which is the first day of Chinese New Year, nothing much to do.
Went out for lunch, then spent the afternoon at home watching movie.

For dinner, aunt, uncle, and Ping came to Sungai Long. Had a simple dinner in Mahkota Cheras.
I fish braided my hair for fun lol.

 Hair color not obvious here lol, bad lighting. But there's some strands of pink blonde, that did not get dyed.

After dinner, we went to Jusco for a short while. Just hung around. Was damn bored =w=
Back at home, lazed at the couch chatting and watched a movie.

Then I came online to blog =w=
And that's how I spent my Chinese New Year.

A picture of me with flash before I go xD

Bye bye, and.....


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