Sunday, February 10, 2013

New hair color!

New year, new hair :D

Haha, new hair for real this time, not a troll xD
I posted on Facebook a picture of me in a natural looking wig, saying "New hair!" XD
This picture:

To be honest, it look really real lol, even in real life and not picture.
But my hair's not that long yet xD 



FINALLY! I've gotten a dramatic color ^^
It doesn't turn out quite as I expected, but I'm still loving it :3
I expect the green to be kind of darker, so it'll gradient gradually to blue, instead of a sudden BOOM to blue like this. But then I still love it ^w^

In order to save money, my cousin bought those products needed, then she helped me dye. The whole dying plus bleaching process took around 5 hours @w@ Thanks Ping, for helping me!

Before this, my hair was this color:

Just a tiny bit hint of dark turquoise. I've blogged about it here:  -click me-

Then in 2 weeks time, the color fade wtf.

Oh and I got a piercing 1 week plus ago (I think) :3
After 6 years of not wearing earring, I finally got to wear earring again xD
The last time I pierced was when I'm 12, but then the piercing got infected, I had to take if off and the hole close up. Didn't bother to pierce again since I don't care much about myself when I'm around 13,14, and 15 lol :x
Maybe I'll blogged about me during that age someday xD

Back to the subject, as you can see the strands of hair is pink lol. Then after another week plus it start fading to blonde, and finally, blonde.

Meh. Not really clear in picture.
But well, you get the idea.

Getting to the bleaching and dyeing process now :3

Bleaching! Took off the aluminium foil on one side since that side is almost done.
Bleach for around an hour I think? Or more.
Then went to the shower and wash it all off.

Blowing dry

After my hair dried, it turned out looking quite awesome too actually LOL

 Me with cousin

I actually considered letting it be and not dyeing the colors hahahaha.

And mom was shocked, when she saw me she thought that that's the color I'll stick with, black blonde. And I can see she's horrified XD She's like, =A=...."Why you look like Miko and Baby?!"

Fyi Miko and Baby is my darling doggies, here's a picture to let you get the idea why she said that.


After taking some picture, Ping sectioned my hair into strands to make the process easier.

Then mix the color~~

Powder of blue dye

Blue and green, though the color here look completely different from the outcome on hair lol


After we're done, I had to wait for 45 minutes before I can wash all off. I'm so nervous during waiting time lol.

The time came to wash it off at last. I watched as the water wash away the products, and I still remember that I thought the color resembled the ocean after the color dye is washed off.
At that moment I knew I love it, since I love the ocean so much.

 Flash and no flash.

That's the outcome :3 I love it.

I know the color will change for the first 2 or 3 days, then it will start fading again after maybe 2 week.

Today, which is the second day, the color blue turned slightly lighter I think.
Anyway, to prevent it from fading too fast, I've changed my shampoo to shampoo for color treated hair, and I use cold water to wash my hair T___T
Hate the cold.

And yes, my hair of course is getting unhealthy since I bleached it, and I use the 12% chemical, which is the strongest :x
I'll treat my hair to treatment often /w\

Well, I'll update about my hair again about the color changes and condition!

See ya!

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