Monday, February 4, 2013

Job as shrimp promoter

My first job ever.
I mean, as in proper paying job.
I've worked a lot before, but without salary -___-

When I told my family and friends what I'll be doing, they're like, "What? Shrimp promoter? HAHAHAHAHA" or, "Shrimp? ....... Shrimp also need promote??"
Meh =w= Even the costumers are like "LOL promoting shrimps eh?"


I got this job through a friend, he posted in Facebook haha. It's just a 2 day job though, but the salary is pretty high (RM100/day) , and the working hours quite short. 11am-12pm. There's a break at 1pm till 2pm, and another break at 5pm-6pm.
So I consider myself lucky :D

The first day my partner is Ah Look, he's just working to help out his boss. He's actually a pastry chef. On the first day he taught me stuff, and when he shows me how to be-head and shell the shrimps, I'm amazed lol. He did it at lighting speed, while I took a freaking long time.
=A= I'm surprised lol, and I'm like, "Why are you doing this so quickly and easily?!"
Meh. Turns out he did this alot during his internship, and he knows alot about shrimps bla bla bla.

The first day was boring, we set up, and he cooked some shrimps for people to sample.
There's not much people on the first day, (Saturday) and we're literally bored to death. Good thing Ah Look is talkative.
By the end of the first day my legs feel like dying. I wonder how the hell did those promoter that work 12 hours a day survive. OTL
I'm only standing for like 7 hours. And legs already hurt like hell.
Not to mention by the end of the day I smell attractively like fish, chicken, and SHRIMPS.

The second day is not so bad. I have another partner, Jacky. He hates shelling shrimp, and I gladly took over, since standing talking to people about the benefits our the shrimp we're selling is damn boring. Plus some people is just plain rude and I have to control myself so I did not curse and swear lol.

To get those shrimps, I have to go into the freezer room, it's damn cold in there.

Boxes of shrimps~

Procrastinating by taking pictures lol.

After getting my samples, I go to the sink which is located together where those foreign workers butcher chicken and de-scale (lol i dunno the real word for it) fish.
Chat a little with them haha.


Lol. I don't really mind doing these stuff. It makes the time goes faster. The first time I do this, it took me around 20 minutes to remove the shells, head, and cut open the shrimps to take out all the intestines. ( I know, sounds really yuck, but it really isn't that bad since its damn small)
Taking out the shell is a pain. I keep breaking it into small pieces, and that makes my job slower.
Not to mention I keep pricking myself fml.

But by the end of the day, I'm an expert lol. It took me around 10 minutes, and the shell is removed perfectly.

TA DA!!!

Hahaha. New skill gained LOL.
I cooked a little, but most of the times I leave the cooking to Jacky.

Promotion promotion!! Shrimps shrimps!!

The second day wasn't too bad. Time passed faster, and I guess that's because it's more crowded on Sunday. Our sales on Sunday was twice the amount on Saturday. :O
And when there's a little gap of time with no costumer, I just chat with Jacky. Turns out he's a violin teacher lol, and you can guess what our topic was xD

To be honest I learn quite a lot of useful (?) information. Like how to shell and behead shrimps.
And that almost 40% of people is allergic to shrimps. (Not sure though, some might be just saying that as an excuse to get away). And that there are brainless people that throw back the toothpick from the sample onto the plate of samples (FUCK YOU). And that people will take your brochure if you look them directly in the eye and hand it at their chest level lol. (80-90 % will)

Meh. =w= That's all I guess XD

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