Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sungai Long Fun Run 2013

Blehhh. Time flies freaking fast. It's already Tuesday, or technically, Wednesday since it's past 12am now. :/ It's 1.13am now lol, and I'm not asleep yet cause I've eaten cheesy wedges earlier at 10.30pm. FATTTTTT T____T But temptation too great, damn it. Anyway, I'm still waiting a while before I go to bed so I er...could digest it first? FML okay I know I probably make no sense.

Anyway, on Sunday I went for Sungai Long Fun Run, by Hospital Sungai Long. It's a 8.4km run, and to be honest I had no idea how far is 8.4km lol. I did not see the map of the run too, so I was totally unprepared about the distance.

At first I never thought I'll join this run. Initially I went with Crystal to register for it, but we're too late. The registration is closed because the participants reached over a 1000 people.
Then later, Sofea contacted me and ask if I would like to take the place of Hafizah. I was only happy to accept xD Yay, got to run after all.

On Sunday I woke at around 6.10am, and got ready. I waited for Sofea to come over with the T-Shirt, and after I changed we walked to the Hospital.

*All photos are taken from Sofea's album, I did not bring my phone haha.

When we got there the crowd is doing warm up exercises lol. We joined in too, though half heartedly :x


Anyway, I felt really energetic :D And I think all my normal jogs below my condo really prepared me for this run. I've never ran so much in my life before, I did not get out of breath or tired easily.
I sprint ahead leaving Sofea behind :x Lol I just felt like I have to keep running, something that I need to accomplish.

The run start at the Hospital, then it goes to Mahkota Cheras. From Makhkota cheras, it goes to the road that leads to Cheras Perdana/ Batu Sembilan, but we did not go that way. We turned left instead and got out to the Highway leading into Sungai Long, pass the toll lol.
Then it pass through the Taman Rakan road and back to Sungai Long. Lol I think this paragraph is rubbbish to those that does not live in these area. xD

RELA controlling the traffic

I think we started running at 7.15am. I reached the hospital at 8.45am. 
Lol I was quite early I think, if I remembered correctly it was around 9.30am when everyone reached.
Actually I'm proud of myself xD I think I can say I'm in the top 150-200 person out of 1000++ people. Even if it's not exactly top nor is it a competition, I'm happy with myself :D I felt a sense of achievement. :)

Anyway, getting back I was given water and a bun. I stood around cooling off a while, then I sat down leaning on a tree listening to my mp3 waiting for Sofea haha. I didn't have to wait long, she reach 15 minutes later. 

Sofea and me ^^

Was a fun day :D I'll definately join more run in the future :D

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