Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Update on current life...?

Hmmm not really sure how to start lol.
Past few weeks is quite asdfasdfgsdfghjk to me, if that makes any sense hahaha.

For a start, gotten my SPM result on 21st March. My result can be considered average, perhaps above average. I was shocked, but happy at what I get. Though I was a little bit disappointed too for some certain subjects. Anyway, not much regrets really, it's done and can't be changed.

Anyway, after I've gotten my result, the next step is to visit education fair to source for what I want.
Actually I'm not sure what I want to study before, but I guess I have a faint idea that I want to be in music. Though I'm not sure what type of music I want. Meh.

The visit to the education fair made me realize that I want to venture into sound engineering. Counselors explained to me about that course, about what type of things I'll be doing after I graduated. I guess I like what I heard and feel it suitable.
Thing is, there's a very limited choice of school offering this course. Sigh. Another dilemma.
Right now I'm still sourcing for the right school.

I've checked out Limkokwing, that's all. Yet to check out some other school. No time to go :/
Hope to check out other schools soon.


I've gotten my driving license finally.
Gotten it on 21st March, when I got my SPM results. Thing is, until now, I haven't really drove much.
Mom won't let me, she's worried.
Sigh. I understand her worries, but it's like she's over paranoid!
She won't let me drive when there's a chance for me to, even if it's not that far.
If this keeps on, how the hell am I supposed to get the freaking experienced needed to drive?
Damn it. And because of this I got so frustrated.

I'm someone that goes out quite alot, but I hate to ask people to fetch me. Sigh.
If I ask mom to drive me somewhere, she'll nag. Ask bro, he's busy with his stuff screw it. And I get it, driving people somewhere could be troublesome, but they can't freaking expect me to keep asking my friends to drive me. Damn it. As if they like to keep fetching me.

Now that I have a license I feel quite useless. Have a license but can't drive.
Not that I don't want to, but because I;m not allowed to. Fuck my life. =___=
I honestly wish I could secretly drive out, but I'm not that stupid. If something happens then I'm dead meat.

Sigh. What I need now is experience T___________T
And even though mom did let me drive once in a blue moon, it's gonna take a freaking long time for me to get used to driving cause:

1) It happens only once in blue moon duh
2) She's freaking PARANOID. Which results in me being paranoid too. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Bleh. Enough of this topic I guess I'll get really frustrated all over again.


Hmm..I was quite touchy and emotional too. It started with the driving stuff, but then other little things irritate me more and more. All financial, family, future, studies, etc etc stuff bothers me.
Resulted in me sulking easily, till mom got mad too.
Then one day I just freaking let it all out. Screamed and cried. But in the end I still can't figure out what it really is bothering. Maybe it's all stress from current family condition.
Not in a really good situation. But still can make do.

And I'm still a bit touchy these days. I'll get phase like I just don't want to talk to anyone at all and feel like I want to scream STFU when people talks to me. Or I'll get phases when I just want to go out and socialize with people.

I still have no idea what's wrong with me.
Bro called it the after form 5 phase, we get emotional and touchy.
Crystal is experiencing it too haha.

But I guess I'm feeling better than last week.


And most recent stuff Gonna have audition for Jrock no tamashii on 28th April, first jamming session will be this Sunday. ....Crap, I still haven't booked a studio. Meh, I'll book now.
Okay done haha.
Back to what I was talking about, I thought this time we won't be rushing like last time since there's only 2 songs, and we have a month to jam.
Oh, guess I'm wrong. There's another gig suddenly, and now we need to add another 4 songs.

Kinda worried, but hope everything goes well.
*cross fingers*

 And I received our photoshoot pictures. Out of 182, there's around 7-10 really nice pictures. Most of it is blur, since we're in a rush that time.
I feel like I've wasted everyone's time since I guess I didn't plan properly. Sigh. :/

Anyway, at least there's some nice one.

 And now, I'll learn up what I need to learn for the audition lol~

Ciao, gonna camp in front of my keyboard and the pc all day now. =w=/

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