Sunday, April 14, 2013

In and out, hot and cold, up and down.

I guess the tittle is what describe me best these days?

My mood kept changing.
I could be so hyper and happy one minute, then I'll switch to damn emo and sad.
And vice versa.

Like today, after coming back from Hospital Sungai Long Fun Run, I felt awesome.
Then after a while, I was feeling down. I just felt kind of moodless. -_-

And I think I keep switching between being an extrovert and an introvert -___-
Normally I love going out mingling with peeps, and just simply chat and talk to people.
But then past few days there'll be time when I wanna shout 'Fuck offffffff' when someone talk to me. But of course I can't do that. I'll just make an excuse and go away. Sigh.

There'll be days when I want to be alone all the time, without needing to talk to ANYONE at all. Felt like camping in front of the tv/pc watching NANA, or just snuggling in on the couch reading a book with a cup of hot drink under the air-cond.

Or there'll be days when I want to go out and do stupid things with friends lol. And I'll feel extremely unenergetic if I did not get to socialize with people/ Scumbag brain, WHAT DO YOU WANT.

Sigh =w= I no longer knows what I really want or really feel. I'm lost. Mehhh.

Now I'm listening to songs I'm supposed to learn up for the band. Somehow I don't have the mood to learn it up these few days, and I don't know why. I have no motivation at all. zzzzzz.
And there's 2 weeks till our audition, and a gig. FML.
I hope I could really focus on the songs, but my mind kept wandering away.
But one thing that I'll promise myself is that I'll learn up the songs properly by this week. I have to.

Oh well I don't even know what I'm ranting about here. Just procrastinating I guess :/
And I guess enough rubbish for tonight.

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