Sunday, April 14, 2013


The previous Friday night, I persuaded mom to let me drive to my piano class alone. It's just about 5 minutes drive from my home. And mom agreed to let me drive there :D

I also told mom that I'll be going for a drink with friends after my class and I won't be home early, but what she did not know is I'm going to fetch Crystal after my class. From my teacher's place to Crystal's home, it's about 6-7 minutes drive I guess.

And so, I drive to Crystal's home after my class. It was all going smoothly till I went into her housing area. I forgot which street she live in, so I began to look at those street sign. And it was dark, there was no street lamp near those signs. And then, I stupidly drove too close to a car, and before I know it, I had rammed into the car. It was stupid of me to not pay full attention on where I'm going. What an idiot. =w=

Well...What happened next was, I quickly reversed, and drove away. :x
And no worries, no damage done. I was going really slowly that time, so I guess no harm done?
I looked at the car as I drove away, can't see any damage.
Anyway, of course I felt guilty :x I felt like kicking myself TwT
But if I'm found out I'll never be able to drive again and that won't do ._.

And yep..That's what happened. I ran into and ran away ._____.
I felt really bad actually, but I guess it's nothing serious .w.

Anyway, lesson learnt. I'll never be so stupid again hahaha, since well...#YOLO.

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