Saturday, April 13, 2013

HOTD photoshoot - View from a zombie

In case you don't know what is HOTD, it's Highschool of The Dead.
And if you don't know what it is then go google it.

Haha actually not that I'm lazy to explain, personally I myself doesn't really know how to explain it since I did not watch the anime or play the game.
I was asked to become a zombie to help with the photoshoot, and since I get the chance to shoot my zombie, I agreed :D

I researched the anime the night before the shoot, (yesterday) and I found it quite gore and ecchi lol.
But the zombies were just...zombies hahahha. So all I need to do is be a zombie :D

I woke up around 7am to prepare everything, since I did not do any preparation before x___x
Yesterday I went out  yumcha lol, came home around 12.30am I think, so I did'nt really have time.
Anyway, woke around 7am, I mixed honey with food coloring to prepare fake blood, and I chose my outfit. Managed to find an oversized shirt that I don't want anymore, and I ripped it up haha.
Then I pack my makeup bag stuff etc, and after that breakfast.

Uncle fetched Kyee and me to KTM after breakfast, and I reach Midvalley around 11am. Then meet the cosers and photographers in front of the cinema. We stayed there chatting for a while, while waiting for the last person to arrive haha. When everyone's there, we headed off to the location, an abandoned school near Midvalley :)

Once reached there I start make up :3
Helped Kyee and the other zombie, Black Roach a little haha.

Picture from my phone:

lol looking kinda ridiculous~
And rofl at Roach hahahha.

Camwhoring zombieeeee'

xD The blood on my shirt looked fake, not enought red T_T
But meh I guess it's acceptable.

Behind the scenes o_o Quite dangerous ._.

While photoshooting, this little bird appear out of nowhere.

It's still around a month old, can't fly yet D:
Roach took it home since Thomas said if we leave the bird alone, it'll die. And I know it will :/
We have no choice but to take it with us.

asdfghj it's so cute ;w;
The picture above was taken at a restaurant we went to after the shoot. Haha it's so cute, sitting at my shoulder TwT And I'm sipping coke as if there's nothing hahahaha.

Well we left after dinner.
Was a nice photo shoot, happy that I get to meet so many people :)
Hope to work with them again xD


I just saw this in facebook lol xD
Kyee and I photobombed an 'Another' shoot today hahhahah.

Okay off to sleep, tomorrow I need to wake up at 6am, going for Sungai Long Fun Run @w@


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