Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Traditional Vocaloid Photoshoot!

A photo first, in case you're wondering what the hell is a traditional vocaloid.
To be exact it's more like Vocaloid in traditional clothing. And I'm Luka in Punjabi.

Aki Hellcove organized this project. He asked me to join, and I'm like..Why not? It;ll be fun meeting friends and going out xD Plus I think traditional clothing looks beautiful >w<

Anyway, we took a group photo at the start first.

There's Meiko in cheongsam, Kaito in Baju Melayu, Miku in baju kebaya, and Luka in Punjabi suit.

We're the four cosers, and the four dudes at the back is photogs and saikang haha.
From the left: Alex, Ikmal, Aki, and Ayasaki.

Actually Ikmal is the only saikang, the others are photogs.
Thanks to Ikmal for guarding our bangs and stuff while we went to shoot. :D

Anyway, the photogs took turns to shoot each of us individually, though Miku and Kaito stick together.

Photos's by different photogs. Sorry I mixed it all up @w@

Anyway, it was kinda funny trying to do some poses. Hhahaha Alex and Aki tried demonstrating to me by dancing, so looked so funny I had to laugh xD Anyway, I think it's not bad. But then in some shoots I look so tired lol. Seems like my cosplay makeup skill dropped. .__.

Nowdays didn't do any costest. I feel like I'm getting further from cosplay.
Meh. Guess I'm focused in other area.

Anyway, after we finished shooting, it starts to rain. Lucky us xD
Though during the shoot everyone was cursing cause the weather was damn hot and we're all sweating our ass off.

Later, Aki, Sara, Sandra, Xuet, ALex and I head to The Mins to have our very late lunch. We went to KFC, and Aki generously treated us :O

Sankyuu Aki!!!
And I guess that's all xD

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