Friday, November 1, 2013

Hairstyles, messing with makeup and random shits?

Hey ya guys. I'm just bored here, so I'm gonna throw in a few stuff that's happening in my life now.

A few days ago, I got a haircut.
Went from looking like this:

 to this:

Well I look more like a kid now. And for some reason, my eyes always look rounder if I have bangs haha.
Anyway, the reason why I chop off my bangs was cause I can't stand my hair color anymore. I mean, more like I can't stand seeing the black roots.

So I told the hair stylist to bring some of my black hair from the back to cover my coloured hair and roots, and chop it off. I guess it works, I like my current hairstyle much more now because of the color xD
Style wise, I guess it's okay. I'm so used to changing hairstyle now lol. It's just that it's troublesome because I had to blow dry my hair everyday else it'll look awful.

Talking about hairstyles, let me show you some of my previous hairstyles:

When I was 13 or 14

When I was 15
Straight bangs, choppy bangs

When I was 16.  Miss my pimple free skin so much :/

Still 16. Permed my hair and with long bangs

Still 16. Cut my bangs shorter.

 Chop it off to be straight lol, and yeah still 16 but nearing 17.

17. After SPM, and dip dyed my hair 

Not satisfied with so little color. Added more
 Flash and without flash.

Chopped my hair off to this style.

Lol okay, just kidding. I styled that from my long hair.

The color faded 

Then sometime in April this year, I really chopped off my hair.


Sometime in May. Grew longer, lost the punk feel

 Bleached my hair in August

After that, I dyed it.

So that's the revolution of my hairstyle for the past few years.

I'm guessing you're already fed up with my face now? Haha.
Gonna throw in 3 more pictures that I took today.
Sorry lo, I know I'm vain.

I look so much more younger than how I look when I was 17?
Lol. Gotten a comment from a college mate too, he said I look like a kid haha.

Whatever, I'm still 17. =^=
Even though I'm going to be 18 in 2 weeks time .___.

Oh, last week when my cousin came to my house, we messed with makeup.
Here's some picture:


my cousin 

me without the wig

 Random shots

It's been quite a while since I messed around with make up. It feels nice to see myself transform lol.
I've forgotten how much I miss that feeling.
But one thing I did not miss is removing the makeup -_-

Took me quite a while to remove lol

Today I went jogging.
I think the last time I jogged was about 6 weeks ago.
I managed to jog for about 1km with stopping today. I was quite surprised. Before this, I have to stop jogging and walk instead to catch my breath after around 600m. :o

Anyway jogged for about half an hour today.

Got close to 4km today. Usually it's only around 3km.

And here's an unglam picture of me with messy hair lolol.

 Anyway, it's already November. The end of the year is coming soon.
Some memories of stuff that happened last year end keep flooding back to me.
Even though I'm over it, it just made me feel weird and.....nostalgic :/

It's stupid. Sigh. Last year November was a stressed month for me. I was studying for SPM, and dealing with *cough* my feelings for someone *cough*.
Thinking back it's quite stupid, on what I've done hahaha, but whatever, I was not as mature back then as I am now.

You might be thinking how is it possible to kinda be more mature in that short time?
Well it's actually cause during December last year, mom told me and my siblings that she got breast cancer.
And that actually affects me a lot.

It's already tough living with no dad, and then mom got cancer :/ fml.
I was really down that time. I don't know how many times I cried myself to sleep.
Mom had to stay in the hospital for 2 weeks after her operation to remove the cancer cells, and she lost so much weight.
After mom got out from the hospital, she sold her day care centre. She stopped working in order to recover.

I know you must be thinking how we pull through with no income.
We're lucky that there are people helping us. But to be honest it's still kinda hard.
I was really stressed that time. It was after SPM, and I keep thinking how am I able to go to college.

Meh long story short, mom is still not working yet, but miracles happens sometimes.
Here I am now, I've gone into college. And we're coping quite well, I think.
And I've understand life so much more, and I'm not as naive as I was now.

Maybe I'll write a blog post about everything regarding my family one day.

Okay that's it, I should stop writing and sleep now before I become moody.
It's already bad enough today when I learnt that my piano fees increased (it'll be rm430 per month now fml), and I might need to get braces ( fml fml fml).

And I'm being treated as if I'm invisible. All I need is a response, is that so fucking hard?

Blehhh. Mood has worsen. It was 'meh' when I first started this post, but now it's just like 'fml fml fml fml fml'.
And no, I'm not having PMS. lol

Time to sleep and forget about the bad stuff. I'll just keep on a steady smile as I always did, and ignore the bad stuff. Think gratitude, for all that I have.

Good night, world.

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