Friday, November 15, 2013

Being a crew for Indie Youth Fest 2013!

Indie Youth Fest event happened a week ago, at Publika.
I got a chance to help them out through my college. At first I was having troubles deciding whether to go or not, since I have a run on the 10th, but in the end I said yes.
I'm glad I went :)

I drove over to USJ on Friday, and on Saturday morning I headed along to Publika along with Oliver and Emad. I did not know the route to Publika, but luckily there is GPS. It's kinda scary though, my driving skills aren't that stable yet, and Oliver is scaring me by scaring himself hahaha. Still, we got there safe and sound xD Guess my driving skills isn't all that bad hahahha.

When we got there, we were briefed on what to do, and we setup the stage.

Did some arranging of chairs, setup those banners, setup microphone stands, etc.

Monitor speaker

Mic and line port, where we connect microphone and the monitor speaker

 Cables and DI boxes lol

*random: 3 functions of DI boxes:
-Impedance conversion
-unbalanced to balanced conversion
-Earth isolation


It took a really long time to setup the stage for some reason, mainly because the drums and amplifiers were late? Anyway, it was done at last.
Kinda learnt how to setup an electric drum set and the amplifiers, which are quite easy I guess.

After everything on stage is done, the first band did their sound check.

Not sure if I remember correctly or not, but I think they took AGES to do their sound check @_@

Anyway, I felt sorry for them .___.
They're the first band to play, and the place is empty. There's on audience beside us crew, and the vendors.
So I went and sat down on the chair, and be their audience. 

The vocalist's like, "...erm, hi. *waves* " And I waves back and said hi lol.
Then he look around, and goes, "...Hi, chairs."

Still, I felt bad for them :/

After them, there's a solo by erm..Forgotten his name .___.
But here's a pic:

There's some other bands as well, but I really like this Singaporean band called Take Two.

They're doing acoustics, and their songs is awesom!
And look at all the handsome faces *w*
Oliver's like, "so, which one do you like?" 
Lol xD

And oh, in their middle of their performance, the wind blew strongly and the banner behind fell -_-
I jumped up the stage to fix it, and bruise my leg in the process fml.
Been a week, and the bruise still hurts T^T
Then the wind blew away straws from a food vendor's stall, and I picked those up too.
The I stupidly gave them to Emad, and he look at me funny and said,
"Just throw them away, no one's gonna use those straws now."
.....What was I thinking .____.
When will I stop being absent minded OTL

Anyway, our job was just to make sure stuff goes on smoothly on stage, and tends to the musicians.
I helped setup the keyboardist's keyboard, and all of them have such nice keyboards and midi controller T___T So jelly.

Anyway watching all those bands, I miss my band T_T
I wanna go jamming, and perform with my members again.
Why is everyone so busy TwT

Well anyway, halfway through the event I got dragged to look after the CD booth -_-

Boringgggg ._.
Luckily it's only for a short while.

I helped record videos too.

This is the sound room, but it's placed in a horrible location lol.
I got the experience to try and listen to the bands through the headphones, basically all the mics and lines and connected to this thing. It sounds just like a recording, but the band I listened to sounds...erm...bad ._.
So I guess sometimes being a sound man could be bad, depending on the situation lol. :x

Around 7pm, we changed location.
We moved in to Paradiso lounge, instead of being outdoor.

Look at all the instruments *o*

Setting up and indoor location is so much easier lol, probably because the venue is smaller.

After that, I went with an old lady (not sure what is her role in this event) to get food for us.
I don't really like doing these type of stuff actually, but since I'm the only girl she just drag me away TwT
Oh well.

After that, there's not much to do.
We ate, then just chill on a couch.

Here's a picture of me, looking tired haha. Awful eyebags and dark eye circle TwT

Anyway, I guess that's all.
Before this during live performance, I've only experienced being the musician. (keyboardist)
But now, I've experienced the stage crew side.
Being a stage crew wasn't as easy as I thought, there's more to it than I've always thought.
On the other hand, some things could be extremely simple too lol.

There's this guitarist that couldn't get a sound from his amplifier, and he asks for my help.
And all the time, it's because the main switch is off.
I sure did have a silent laugh to myself xD

Well that's all. Can't wait when I could go on stage and perform again, and at the same time, become an audio engineer xD

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