Monday, November 11, 2013

Updates for last week

Last week I had a week break. Updates on my week:


Went out to Klang for dinner with family.
It was quite a famous restaurant, we had to wait 2 hours for the food wtf. But since we went all the way to Klang, we just decided to wait. 

A picture of one of the dish we had, lala. It was really good though, their other food was nice as well. Didn't take any picture though.

After dinner, we visited Shah Alam's I-City.
We went into the House of Horror.
It was just meh. Not worth the money at all.

 Me and bro with the erm...disfigured figurine.

Sis and me 

Lol this picture kinda turns out creepy 

Ahaha. Proposing to the erm...disfigured figurine 

Me and skull 

My cousin

After wasting out time and money in the house of horror, we decided to go to the 5D motion ride.

Do we look alike? Haha

The ride was meh as well. Not thrilling at all, and it feels fake.
Kinda stupid. Wasted our money as well -_-

In conclusion, I don't think I-city is worth going any more. Most the pretty lights from before is taken down to construct useless rides and etc. They're expensive and it's quite bad.


Went out to watch Thor 2 with Bryan.
Just hung out, kinda got bored while he played MaiMai with Tony. Meh -_- Guys.

Haven't seen Bryan in a few months.
Caught up on our life, and I realized we changed a lot?
And I guess I don't know what to tell him. I let him do most of the talking while I just listened.

He's my best friend, but at times I don't feel that at all. 
For example, now. -_-
Seriously, screw you Bryan. You really piss me off sometimes. Idiot.


Cousin came and stayed for the night.
We went jogging in the evening, then swam.
Jogged outside of my condo, in Sungai Long.
Jogged a total of around 5km I think.

I like jogging along this road, it's surrounded by trees and there's not much car. 

It's actually 5km, I accidentally deleted the first km :/
I guess it took me around 45-50minutes for 5km?

After the run, swam 10 laps :3 

Random selfie

After that, I went to pasar malam with bro, sis, and cousin to get our dinner.
I bought Japanese curry rice <3 p="">


Dyed my hair on Wednesday. Cousin helped me :3

Hair dyeing in progress!

Purple highlights! 

After I dyed my hair, I head out for my piano class.
After I came back, went jogging again with cousin, but this time just jogged around my condo.

For some reason, I managed to ran 5km in half and hour that day OAO
Yay, achievement!!!


Went out to Kuala Lumpur with mom to settle some stuff.
I was feeling super grumpy, cause I was falling sick and I feel really tired.
Sorry mom, for making you stand my grumpiness :/

After getting back from KL, I just slept the whole day away.
Then at night, went out to find Crystal to collect my t-shirt for UTAR run on Sunday.


In morning, I went to Susan's house to practice for our Christmas gig.
I will be playing the keyboard and she will be singing.
We'll be playing 7 Christmas songs.

After that, I went to USJ to have a look at a house. Was planning to move with a few of my coursemate, but then there's not enough people to move out. Guess the plan won't work :/


Volunteered at Indie Youth Fest.
It was a great experience. I'll write a seperate blog post on this event later. Left all the pictures I took in my other phone. and that phone is currently in Sungai Long :/


Ran the UTAR Trekathon with Crystal.
Woke up at 5am in the morning cause will be going out at 5.30am.
So tiring T_T Since I only had 3 hours of sleep :/

The run is in Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam. It's a freaking hill T_T We're going uphill most of the time. Damn tiring. It's a 7km run, but my Ipod told me it's 7.9km :v

Crystal and me

Me! Love what camera angles can do. Insta slim lol.

With Crystal and her uni friends.

7.9km in 1 hour and 15mins.

Well I guess that's all for the week. 
Went back to USJ on Sunday night, and then it's college life as usual.

That's all for now. Will update about Indie Youth Fest as soon as I can.

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