Thursday, November 21, 2013

18th Birthday

I just had my 18th birthday. (ehem I wrote this a few days ago but I didn't have the time and the internet access to continue it until now)
Anyway, I didn't expect anything special to celebrate, mom asked me what I want to do for my birthday, but I can't think of an answer. That's a good thing I guess, I have everything I can possibly need :)

Yes there are stuff that I want like a new keyboard, or even better, a car lol (impossibru though)
but I know that we can't afford it, those things can wait till I get my own income :D
It'll never be too late. :)

So anyway, had a family dinner on 16th November in TGIF at The Gardens.
My sister's birthday was on 15th on November, and mine was on 17th. I guess it's only fair to celebrate in between LOL.
We actually planned to eat in Chilli, but the restaurant was full and the waiting list was too long. So we went to TGIF. I was kinda dreading it, cause I've heard about how embarrassing it is to celebrate a birthday there :x But since my whole family wanted to go there, I have no choice but to go. TwT

To be honest, this dinner is just not really all that great.
Here's some reason why:

-I was sick.
I had a freaking flu the whole day, but by evening time it was worse.
My nose won't stop running, and it was blocked too. I find it really hard to breath, and I feel dizzy. I can't stop sneezing too lol, I think I sneezed over 70 times that day. And no, I'm not exaggerating.
And to make it worse, I was having my period fml. I felt terrible hahahhaha.

-We're not seated together
There was a lack of space in TGIF that time, so we had no choice but to sit separately :/
Me, sis, bro and his gf sat together, while mom, uncle, aunt and cousin sat in another table in front of us.
Not that far, but still we didn't have the chance to talk and chat together. I would love it so much more if we're all sitting together =3=

-The food was meh
The food tasted meh. For the price we're paying, I don't think it's worth it :/
Yeah, maybe it's because I'm having flu that the food tasted bland, but my family said it's not nice as well. So not nice it is, I guess.

Well anyway, I guess the main reason was cause I was sick and it made me feel awful haha.
Here's some picture:

Lol picture of half gone cheesy baked potatoes. This was nice though!

My strawberry lemonade! 

Sizzling cheesy chicken, which tasted really bland to me :/

My brother and his gf

Sis and me, sis and mom~

My stupid bro haha

Anyway, since it was my sis and my birthday, TGIF presented us a chocolate brownie.
But it was kinda more to my celebration for some reason, so they made me sing, and my sister dance instead. Then, they made the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to us *buries face in hand*
And they made me try to blew the candle from around a metre away. So embarrassing lol.

Anyway, after that my bro freaking stuck the candle down into the cake, and made me pull it out with my teeth.
And I know someone's got to be totally stupid to not see what is coming next, but well, I'm that one totally stupid person that did not expect my brother to push my face down on to the CHOCOLATE BROWNIE.

How could I be so stupid lolololol. He's video-ing it too, why didn't I see it coming?
Oh well, must be my flu haha. Brain wasn't clear enough lol.

Anyway, no I'm not gonna show you guys the video. I looked really awful and I sounded awful too. So, nope. :P
Instead, I've extracted some frames from it.


Stupid sister laughing like crazy

Hahhahaha I look like I had a tooth missing

Anyway, even though it's not the greatest dinner ever, I do appreciate that we went, and I get to spend time with my family.

When I got home, I felt really awful cause of my flu.
I went to bed straightaway and I didn't bother staying up to reply birthday wishes as I always did every year lololol. 

The next morning, I woke up to a flood of birthday wishes on my wall ;w;
Feels so nice and loved hahhaa, even though I know most of them only know about my birthday cause of Facebook LOL. 

Anyway, I got a text from Bryan. He said something about duck scratcher, but I was not in the mood to play along with his lame jokes lol. Still suffering from flu ;w; And kinda annoyed with him for some reason hahahhaha. So I didn't really bother about him .w. He told me he was going to Tenshi, and I kinda had the feeling he wanted me to go too, but I didn't bother ._. My reply to him was so cold ahaha .w.

Then at night he texted me again. He thought I was emo cause he didn't wish me or 'forgot' my birthday, but truth is I really was just not feeling that well enough to be high and happy lol.
I had a flu pill the night before, and I'm sure you guys know how drugs made you eh? You can't think straight lol.

Turns out Bryan was trying to get me to go to Tenshi so he could surprise me with a cake, but ahahaha I was a spoil sport. And turns out duck scratcher meant Happy Birthday in his own language -_-||||
So sweat. Everything was so lame hahahha. 
Anyway I ended the lameness and made up for my spoil sport attitude by calling him my self proclaimed brother (he has erm..sister fetish? LOL) and saying I love him lol.
Never in a million years will I say that to him again hahhaha. Flu really made me go cuckoo.

Well those stuff aside, I just lazed on the couch and watched movies the whole day. It was good though xD
So nice to be able to stay on the couch the whole day finally! Life keeps getting busier and busier :/ 
And mom made me pancakes too 8D So loved. 

Then by evening time, I kinda recovered yay! Felt so much better. 
Went for dinner with dear Crystal at Bukit Mewah Club, Kajang. :)
Celebrated both our birthdays together, just us xD Crystal is only a week younger than me heh xD

Didn't feel like eating solid meat, so I ordered sausages instead lol.
The pot at the left is actually cheese sauce for us to dip *w* 

 Sorry lo, we're extremely vain haha

It was lovely to spend time with her :D
Wish I could spend more time with my other high school friends though.

It was around 10.30pm when I got home.
As soon as I got home, mom brought out a cake lol.

Two candles, one for me and one for sis haha
(I can't remember a year where I didn't share a cake with sister lol)

Taking pictures with Miko and Baby as well xD

That cake was nice! I loved that they used dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate :D

After eating the cake I went online, and around 5 minutes past midnight, Sing Yee called me.
Hahahahhaha. Then I told her that she's special because she will be the last one that wished me.
And she's like, "if anyone else calls you next don't pick up please"
Hahahhaa, so cute.

Turns out she's not the last to wish me though :x
The last was David (my band's guitarist lol) I think.
He wished me in the next morning hahaha.

Oh wait, the last to wish me was Hairee from my class hahahaha.
He wished me on 19th I think hahaha.
Oh well, why am I even writing this down LOL.
I wonder what the future me will think when I read this again. xD

Anyway, on Monday night I went back to college to use the studio to practice for my studio competency test. In my group there's Emad, Oliver, Selwyn, and Stephy.
When I got there, Emad and Oliver was already there.
We played around with recording, then Stephy came.
We recorded more stuff, but halfway through Oliver disappeared. I thought he went down for a smoke.
Selwyn's not there yet.

Without bothering much I continued with whatever I was doing in the studio lol, then suddenly Stephy came to me and Emad, looking kinda flustered, and told us to go downstairs to Selwyn cause he's in trouble.
I was worried, I thought that Selwyn ran his car into someone or something LOL.
Stephy ran out, and I followed her.

As soon as I got out of the studios, I was greeted with the birthday song. I was like, "oh my god wtf wtf wtf" hahahaha. Selwyn told me that I should have seen my own expression lol. I kinda wish I could too xD
They totally got me. I never expected this kind of thing at all.
The thought of me being surprised has never crossed my mind, and I was stunned.
I don't think I'll forget this feeling :)
It was so awesome.
So happy to have such great friends :D
Thank you guys!!!

The cake that they got me.

Selwyn was late cause he went to get this cake lol. This cake tasted awesome! :D

Blowing the candles.

Hahaha I couldn't blow the candles properly, I was still in that dazed kinda mood lol

After that, we went back to the studio and practiced till midnight.
Then we headed out to a mamak restaurant near our college, and ate the cake there.

Eating birthday cake in a mamak restaurant past midnight, how cool was that??? Hahaha.

Picture of everyone. Emad's in here too, yay!

Hahaha he normally hates his picture taken, but I made him to be in the picture using the excuse that it's my birthday xD

So....I guess that's basically my 18th birthday! :D
I think it was one of my best birthday ever haha.
Cause it's been some time since I have a celebration. I can't even remember the last time I really celebrated my birthday lol. I think it was my 9th birthday when mom threw a party for me lol.

Oh, that, and Chi surprised me with a present 2 years ago and a home made cake.

Well anyway, I'm really really glad that my 18th birthday turned out this way :)
Loves to everyone! xD

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