Thursday, November 10, 2011

11/11/11 ❤


Wish I'm going out to celebrate, but then, everyone's busy =w= Have to stay at home instead.
Well I'm to summarize what have been happening  for the past month, so this post will be pretty long :3 PREPARE YOURSELF MATE!

During this final exam, I hardly study ._.
I've become so lazy, I only open the books before the day of the exam OTL
As a result, I think I'll get plenty of FAIL. @_@

When I open the book, I'll start as...

With spirit~




And end up listening to music to prevent from sleeping but can't concentrate at all =_=

Lol pictures of me taking so many pictures is proof enough, ._.

Oh yea, I bought new lens ^^

Very light violet :D

It's not too noticeable though.. 
Bought from here. Well..The lens is just..Meh ._. Not really comfortable @_@

Oh yea...I GAINED WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT_TT
Reason is...You'll find out in the next post T^T

Anyway, now that it's holiday, plans began piling up XD Gonna go for a Luka army photoshoot tomorrow :D

The outfit ^_^ This is just a doujin by me lol~

And yeah, right now my nails a hideous color forthe photoshoot...

Aquamarine color @_@

Before that my nails look like this:

But then I have to rub it -w-

Okay it's getting boring so BYE~ Lol.

p.s: Going to Sunway Lagoon next week 8D 
And it's my birthday next week!! XD


  1. Very long meh? 0w0 (Compare to mine LAWL)

  2. Supposed to be long long long but then..I lazy -w- And din't change lol