Thursday, November 17, 2011

Luka - Soldier

 -Photos by Calvin Pixels-


Last Saturday, I went for a Vocaloid photoshoot. It's a doujin actually. Soldier character.

Me as Luka and my sister, Kyee as Miku.

Waiting for Calvin to upload photos -w-

So..this is my first photoshoot experince >w<
It's fun :D

Woke up early in the morning to make-up, since I need a long time @_@
Eventhough I woke early, we're still late because Kyee needed my help =_= That wasted some time.

On top of that, we had difficulty locating the park @_@ Went roaming, asking people, keep calling Calvin (sorry XD) though he's also clueless -w- I can say this, he's not much use in giving directions XD

In the car, bored.

I can't remember how we managed to find him though. He's waiting at a er..corner with his friend, and I forgot how we saw him =w=

So anyway, after roaming for around 30 minutes, we arrived @_@

And..shooting begins :D

We takes photo first.

 My wig..OTL

 The pro teaching me to pose lol.

After that move on to video. Video shooting is harder than I expected ._. But still, I think it's a great experience. After that back to photoshooting. This time mess around with fake blood :D Look forward to pictures by Calvin. (faster upload XD)

Oh yea..I got attacked by a real army by the way. REAL ARMY.
So fucking painful!! My body's red all over jdfhajldsjfjf;f.

Stupid army ants.

And yeah, it ends here. Bye.


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