Thursday, November 24, 2011

Anime Annexation

Woohoo~ Another late post~
Lol sorry for the delay, but I was waiting for Chii to send me the photos~ Only received it yesterday -w-

Anime Annexation is held at Seremban, but they provide transport from KL Central to the event spot. Chii and I took went to KL Central at around 8.45am to wait for the coach that would arrive at supposely 9am but it's late -w-

Hang around in McDonalds waiting..And after a little white saw some cosplayer yeay ^^V

lol in McDonalds.

Got to know Bryan and Joey in the bus lol.

Byran and Joey behind me and Chii.

The bus is so empty lol. There's only a total of less than 10 person I think.

Ghost bus~~

So...when we got to the event place, Chii and I were like...WHUT =A=

The place is outdoor, complete with muddy ground. We're expecting someplace like an indoor hall ...
Oh well. 

(lol munching on cotton candy now www mum bought for me XD )

We need to get  stamps after visiting sample house for lucky draw. (The event is organised by some housing estate I guess) 
There's transporter to bring us visit those houses, so Chii and I got on one. Yep, he brought us there, but he also left us there FML. Chii and I had to WALK to another sample house to get transport zzz. Luckily the lady there is willing to fetch us back phew.

Anyway, by the time we got back, the cosplay competition is already starting. -.-
We're just came back and we're sweating like mad zzz.

And the competition. Hmm..I don't think it's exactly a competition =_=
We just have to catwalk up the stage, pose, walk to the microphone and say, "Vote for me"

 Like this...

How do we get votes? We had a pice of cardboard, and we need to go ask around, yes, ASK for votes zzz. 
I think this is quite unfair actually. Sigh.

Chii and I ignore the voting thing, we went back into the changing room (luckily they have air-con in there) and just chill with some other cosplayer lol. 

To be honest, the event management for the cosplay competition is kind of bad for me :/ For the other things I don't know. Sigh.
Anyway, the good thing is, we met lots of new people and friend ^^

Okay, pictures time lol.

 Some of the people I met. 

5 Miku's!!

Yes, my Lord. lol
Me and Dante from Devil May Cry xD

Bryan and me. (lol sorry I don't knw what is your character ._. )

The Miku's are twin :3 Sho cute~

These 2 dudes are twins too o.o

2 pairs of twin!

me and Yuuki-chan ^^

Cloud and me xD

So..that's it. 
Gotto go and practice my violin now :/ Bye~~

PS: Bryan owe me and Chii a meal XDDD

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